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As the digital transformation process begin, we’ve started to provide our needs through digital channels. We achieve many things with minimum effort thanks to the internet. And virtual trainings are one of them. As Bilginç IT Academy, we’ve been organizing virtual trainings for our international customers, who would like to save from money and time, for many years. With years of experience, we continue to organize high quality virtual trainings for our customers during this time of coronavirus outbreak. We are recieving a lot of virtual training requests from customers, who don’t want to postpone their IT training plans during the time of self isolation at home. 

We offer our participants much more than a real classroom experience with our virtual trainings. We are fully aware of the importance of labs for an IT training. That’s why we are using remote labs, which are provided by our international partner. We offer more than 700 hundred trainings virtually with the most experienced expert trainers. And Bilginç Virtual Team will be organizing a “pre-class” before your training to test your mic/camera settings and to teach you how to use the training platform. Bilginç Virtual Team is ready to assist you during your virtual training to make sure your virtual training goes without a problem!

Market leader firms prefer to attend our virtual trainings instead of postponing their IT training plans to an uncertain date during their home office period. You can also make use of your time by attending one of our virtual trainings and specialize in your field. You don’t have to ignore your career plans at this time, you can still achieve them by joining virtual trainings. For those who are stranger to the home office working method, we have also virtual trainings that will make their adaptation process to remote working much more easier. From crisis management to usage of communication tools, productive home working trainings to usage of video conferencing applications; you can ease your remote working process with the virtual trainings that we compiled for you!

Take a look at our most popular virtual trainings that our participants generally prefer: 

You don’t have to postpone your IT training plans, attend our virtual trainings from the comfort of your home! Contact us to specialize in the field of your choice with our virtual trainings:
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