According to experts, before moving on to the new system, employees and managers must clearly define their remote working policies and receive relevant training. Although it is preferable to define a clear working policy and relevant training in advance, this preparation phase may not be possible in times of crisis or other rapidly changing situations. In such cases, you can act without losing much time with the virtual trainings we have prepared to increase the participation and efficiency of online working, remote employees.

Challenges when working remotely and solutions for managers:

While starting to work online, difficulties may not be encountered in the office environment. If necessary virtual trainings are not received in the process of adapting to the new situation, high-performance employees may lose their productivity when they start working remotely. Challenges inherent in online remote working and solutions to effective leaders are:

Lack of access to information: The first challenge for those who start working remotely is the time to access information. While small companies with 10 to 100 employees experience less problems in this regard, access to information becomes difficult in companies with more than 100 or even 1000 employees. Online home workers can lose a lot of time, even when looking for answers to simple questions.

Lack of information affects not only the workflow but also interpersonal communication. For example, you can see a harsh email from your colleague, who you know is having a busy and difficult day, as a natural consequence of his stressful state. In the same case, when your colleague is not familiar with his situation, incoming hard mail can damage your business relationships.

In order not to disrupt both the work flow and your interpersonal business communication, your remote employees should be made conscious. Possible difficulties can be explained to them and new steps can be taken to improve interpersonal communication.

Running Great Virtual Meetings training, you can learn how to spend your online meetings more efficiently and fluently. Also, using online meeting tools effectively means managing meetings that have become a routine of business life better.

The online trainings we offer you to use the online meeting tools effectively:
Slack Essentials - Virtual Class
Zoom Essentials - Virtual Class
Managing Online Meetings and Events with WebEx

Lack of face-to-face supervision:
Both managers and employees often raise concerns about problems that face-to-face communication may result. Managers are concerned that employees are not working very efficiently. On the other hand, many employees struggle with less access to managerial support and communication.

You can create daily check-ins to avoid the lack of face-to-face supervision. Many successful managers have a daily online meeting with their employees from home. This helps your employees get the job done as a highly collaborative team. It is important to note that employees can complete regular and predictable tasks and see if they can consult you. With our virtual Leading Virtual Teams training, you can learn how to direct your employees remotely without losing time.

In addition, Productive Home Working virtual training, which team leaders can take with their teams, will reduce the concerns of both leaders and employees. In the 3-hour long virtual training, online remote workers will learn how they are efficient when they follow. Thus, they will grasp what efficiency the team leaders expect. Employees, on the other hand, will feel the support of management in the training they attend with their managers.

Social isolation: Loneliness is one of the most common complaints about working remotely. Online remote workers break off from their informal relationships at the office. Employees who lose contact with internal employees may lose their sense of belonging.

Provide several different communication technology options to keep employee communication dynamic. Communication only through e-mail is insufficient. Distant online workers should be able to continue to experience effective communication brought about by face-to-face communication. In-team video conferences have many advantages: mutual information flow, visual communication as well as video conferences help reduce the sense of isolation between teams. Video is especially useful for complex or sensitive conversations, as it feels more personal than text or voice communication.

However, there are occasions when there is a need to obtain information from long online video meetings. For these situations, mobile compatible communication systems such as e-mails or Microsoft Teams, which provide simpler and time-sensitive communication, can also be used. Employees and managers must undergo a short online training in order to use all these systems efficiently and safely.

Using Email to Communicate Effectively Training
Office 365 - Microsoft Teams Essentials Training

In addition to online meetings that will keep business relationships dynamic, you can support the career development of employees and direct them to virtual training. The virtual training opportunities that companies offer to their employees not only support their sense of belonging, but also make them more knowledgeable and efficient in their business.

For example: The online remote working system brings with it many cyber security threats. You can get our virtual cyber security trainings for your IT employees who do not want to lose their sense of belonging. In this way, you will not only increase the equipment of your employees against new threats but also you will not lose their sense of belonging.

To support your employees while working remotely, you should offer emotional support as well as virtual training incentives. It is important for managers to accept the stress that may occur, listen to their concerns and empathize with their struggles, especially when a sudden transition to remote work is made. If one of your employees who are starting to work away is struggling explicitly, but does not feel stress or anxiety, ask them how they did it. " How does affect this remote work system to you?" Even a general question such as may reveal important information that you might not have heard otherwise. After asking the question, be sure to listen carefully to the answers and give feedback to your employees in a short time. Let the employee's stress or worries (not yourself) be the focus of this conversation.

Researches on emotional intelligence; It shows how employees react to sudden changes or crisis situations can be foreseen with tips from managers. If a manager feels stress and helplessness, the time for employees to adapt to the new situation is extended. Effective leaders adopt a two-way approach that acknowledges the stress and anxiety that employees feel in difficult conditions, at the same time confirming their trust in their team using the expressions "we have it" or "like this." With the little support that managers can provide for their employees, employees can adapt to the new situation more easily with a sense of purpose and focus. With our virtual Managing in a Crisis and An Evidence Based Agile Approach to Organizational Crisis Management trainings, we explain how managers can follow in times of crisis.

You can take our virtual trainings from expert trainers without leaving your home and take the most correct steps for yourself and your company.

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