Introduction to Initial Coin Offerings Training

  • Learn via: Classroom / Virtual Classroom / Online
  • Duration: 1 Day
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Developments in the FinTech space are transforming financial services and blockchain and distributed ledger technology is at the forefront of this revolution.

This course provides a grounded and organisationally relevant introduction to an Initial Coin Offering. Starting from first principles, the course approaches these from a number of different perspectives providing foundational knowledge that will enable delegates to return to their own organisations with a clear understanding of how this important technology impacts the bottom line.

This course is a comprehensive guide to understanding an ICO, and through practical demonstrations and examples, will leave people with real sense of what’s possible. 

This course is module 2 of the Blockchain, the Cryptocurrency Market and ICOs (3 day course)

  • Introduction to Initial Coin Offerings
  • Over the course of the 3rd day, the course will cover
  • Origin and history of Initial Coin Offerings
  • What good looks like - Examples
  • Market Review
  • Token Definition, Utility, Rights and Design
  • Blockchain Protocol
  • ICO Roadmap
  • Stakeholder Mapping and Traget Market
  • Planning, Budget and Advisory Team
  • Legal Entity Structuring and Tax Considerations
  • Incentive Structures
  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance
  • The Whitepaper
  • The Project Team and Advisors
  • Token Economics, Pricing and Use of Proceeds 
  • Communications Strategies and Channels - Policies
  • Financial Governance, Accounting and Digital Asset Custody
  • Exchange Listings
  • Documentation
  • Marketing Strategy and Branding
  • Pre-Sale
  • ICO Execution
  • Post Sale
  • KYC, AML, Privacy, Confidentiality and Policies
  • Cyber Security
  • Post Sale Execution

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