Designing SOA using BPM and SoaML Training

  • Learn via: Classroom / Virtual Classroom / Online
  • Duration: 3 Days
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Helping Business Analysts, architects and designers to understand how to efficiently specify and realize a Service Oriented Architecture on the basis of their business goals and align it to changing business and user requirements.

This training course aims at helping business analysts, architects and designers to learn how to specify and realize a featured Service Oriented Architecture to better deal with changes on the business and user requirements (changing objectives, strategies, tactics, rules, user interactions,...) while capitalizing on the business capabilities.

There are no any prerequisites for this course.

  • Helping Business Analysts
  • Architects and designers


  • The Layered Logical Architecture
  • Business Layer
  • Functional Layer
  • Functional Layer
  • Horizontal AspectsAgility using SOA


  • Agility and SOA : synthesis
  • Overview on the steps of the Goal-Driven SOA,
  • Traceability from the BMM's business model structures to IT structures to better deal with changes.
  • Overview on the market products
  • Open Source Products (Service Mix, Mule, Open ESB…),
  • Commercial Products

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