Spring ORM with Hibernate 5 Training

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  • Duration: 5 Days
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This course is designed to create effective data oriented Spring applications with Hibernate. It is shown how to use XML and description based configurations of both Spring and Hibernate throughout the course.

After fundamental features of Spring framework, such as Injection of Dependencies and Interest Based Programming, are studied, persistence solution of Spring is introduced. Then, respectively, Spring JDBC, Spring ORM and Spring Data solutions are examined. Hibernate is used as JPA provider in Spring ORM and Spring Data solutions.

There are no prerequisites for this course.

This course is designed for developers, who want to use Hibernate with Spring.

  • Configuring Hibernate in the context of a Spring application
  • Creating efficient object / relational mapping with Hibernate
  • Using Spring Framework to facilitate session, transaction and exception management of Hibernate
  • Using and understanding basic architecture issues of Spring and Hibernate
  • Learning when and how to use Spring Framework sections

  • Module 1 - Inversion of Control And Containers
  • Module 2 - Introduction to Spring
  • Module 3 - Bean Configuration
  • Module 4 - Advanced Bean Configuration
  • Module 5 - Dynamic Proxy and Classic Spring AOP
  • Module 6 - Spring AOP and AspectJ
  • Module 7 - Introduction to the Java Persistence API
  • Module 8 - Modeling Relational Databases with JPA Entities
  • Module 9 - Working with the Entity Manager
  • Module 10 - Persisting Enums and Collections
  • Module 11 - Java Persistence Query Language
  • Module 12 - Mapping Stored Procedures
  • Module 13 - Criteria API
  • Module 14 - Entity Inheritance Relationships
  • Module 15 - Spring ORM
  • Module 16 - Spring Transaction

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