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An Introduction to iLife Training

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There are no prerequisites for this course.

In this hands-on course, you will get an introduction to the features and interface of iLife, the suite of digital authoring tools that comes with every Mac: iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, iDVD, and iWeb. You will learn to create media-rich digital projects and share them online with a few clicks. You will learn to easily create stunning music, web sites, and photo books, and you'll learn to enjoy your photos and videos in exciting new ways.

There are no prerequisites for this course.

Anyone who prefers hands-on, interactive instruction to best explore the functionality of the iLife applications.

  • Organizing and editing pictures in iPhoto
  • Editing and sharing movies with iMovie
  • Working with audio in iMovie
  • Recording a podcast
  • Creating a web site with iWeb
  • Creating a blog


1. Viewing and E-mailing Photos

  • Opening iPhoto
  • iPhoto Window
  • Importing Photos from a Camera
  • Viewing Photos in an Event
  • E-mailing Your Photos

2. Rating and Fixing Photos

  • Rating Photos
  • Applying Quick Fixes
  • Fixing Photos in Edit View
  • Using Effects
  • Working with Albums
  • Transferring Photos to Mobile Devices

3. Arranging Photos by Faces and Places

  • Finding People in Your Photos
  • Creating a Smart Album from a Map
  • Finding Places
  • Creating a Smart Album from a Map
  • Posting to Facebook, Flickr, and MobileMe

4. Perfecting Your Pictures

  • Histogram
  • Correcting Exposure
  • Applying Definition
  • Adjusting White Balance

5. Designing a Photo Book

  • Creating a Book Layout
  • Ordering Books

6. Making Photos Move with Slideshows

  • Using Slideshows, Presets, and Albums
  • Using Instant Slideshow
  • Creating and Sharing a Slideshow Album
  • Changing Settings and Options

7. Importing and Managing Photos

  • Photo Formats
  • Importing a Photo Folder
  • Organizing Your Event
  • Assigning Keywords to Photos
  • Sharing Photos Over a Network


8. Moviemaking Made Easy

  • Opening iMovie
  • Looking at the iMovie Window
  • Getting Clips into iMovie
  • Skimming and Playing Clips
  • Marking the Best and Worst Clips
  • Filtering Events
  • Playing an Event in Full Screen
  • Creating a New Project Using a Theme
  • Using Transitions
  • Getting a Movie to Your iPad, iPhone, or iPod

9. Having Fun with iMovie Trailers

  • Selecting a New Event and a Trailer Genre
  • Changing the Outline
  • Filling in the Storyboard
  • Personalizing the Storyline

10. Creating Your Own Sports Highlights Video

  • Switching Projects in the Library
  • Applying a Theme to an Existing Project
  • Using the Sports Team Editor
  • Customizing a Team vs. Team Graphic
  • Highlighting a Player

11. Refining a Movie

  • Creating a Project without Using a Theme
  • Editing a Movie and Enhancing Clips
  • Working with Audio
  • Stabilizing a Project Clip

12. Moviemaking with Photos and iPhoto Clips

  • Accessing iPhoto Clips
  • Finding and Using Photos
  • Choosing a Title
  • Creating a Cutaway Shot
  • Editing to a Musical Beat and Enhancing Audio
  • Analyzing for Stabilization
  • Sharing Movies Online

13. Advanced Moviemaking

  • Choosing Projects from the Library
  • Setting a Location Using Travel Maps
  • Trimming with the Precision Editor
  • Recording Narration
  • Using Audio from a Video Clip
  • Enhancing Audio
  • Enabling Advanced Tools

14. Capturing and Managing Media

  • Video Formats
  • Getting Clips into iMovie
  • Managing Events in Your Library
  • Adjusting a Clip's Date and Time
  • Analyzing and Event to Detect People
  • Using Keywords and Making Backups
  • Reclaiming Hard Disk Space
  • GarageBand

15. Learning to Play Music with GarageBand

  • Opening GarageBand
  • Connecting Instruments to the Mac
  • Learning to Play Guitar or Piano
  • Exploring the Interface
  • Navigating Between Lesson Sections
  • Customizing the Lesson Workspace
  • Tuning During a Lesson
  • Recording and Reviewing Your Practice
  • Tracking Your Package
  • Changing a Lesson Mix
  • Downloading Additional Learn to Play Lessons
  • Taking an Artist Lessons

16. Jamming and Creating Music with GarageBand

  • Selecting a Musical Genre
  • Navigating and Controlling Playback
  • Auditioning Virtual Musicians and Instrumental Parts
  • Mixing Instruments in Magic GarageBand
  • Setting Up Your Instrument and Adding a Custom Instrument
  • Recording a Part
  • Opening and Saving the Song in GarageBand

17. Recording Music in GarageBand

  • Recording Music Tracks in GarageBand
  • Opening a GarageBand Project
  • Exploring a GarageBand Window
  • Setting Up an Electric Guitar Track
  • Monitoring Input
  • Recording a Single Take
  • Using Guitar Amps and Stompboxes
  • Saving Effects Settings
  • Multiple Takes Recording
  • Selecting and Splitting Takes
  • Working with an Acoustic Guitar Track
  • Recording a New Software Instrument Part
  • Playing the Onscreen Music Keyboard

18. Fixing, Arranging, and Mixing Music in GarageBand

  • Recognizing Timing Issues
  • Quantizing a Software Instrument Region
  • Trimming and Looping a Region
  • Working with Groove Matching and Apple Loops
  • Browsing and Adding Loops to the Project
  • Arranging Loops and Tracks in the Timeline
  • Duplicating and PanningTracks
  • Transposing a Region in the Editor

19. Finishing and Sharing a Project

  • Finishing a Song
  • Adding Effects to the Overall Song
  • Sharing with other iLife Applications
  • Saving a Project with iLife Preview
  • Finishing a Podcast
  • Importing a GarageBand Project
  • Working with Artwork and Markers
  • Using the Artwork Editor
  • Adding Podcast Episode Info
  • Sending a Podcast to iWeb
  • Exporting a Project as a Quicktime Movie
  • iDVD and iWeb

20. Perfecting Your Pictures

  • Preparing a Movie for iDVD
  • Starting Your iDVD Project
  • Navigating Your Project with the Map
  • Switching Themes
  • Editing Drop Zones and Menus
  • Creating a Photo Slideshow in iDVD
  • Previewing and Burning Your DVD

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