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Data Storytelling: Bringing Data to Life Training

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Stories are powerful things. We've used them throughout history to capture attention, convey ideas, fire the imagination, and stir the soul. A well-told story can also give life to data.

On the surface, storytelling appears to be the opposite of analytics: anecdotal instead of quantitative. But quantities aren't the only way, or even necessarily the ideal way to convey information. We know that not everyone is a quant who thinks natively in numbers. Some think in pictures, thus the popularity of data visualization. Still others — a vast portion of business people - would rather not think about data at all, preferring to hear its meaning in anecdotes, metaphors, and examples.

Storytellers reach the quants and the non-quants, too. They don't dismiss the value of the quants—quantification is the foundation. In fact, storytellers amplify quantification by rendering data and the events it reflects with visuals, words, or other media. With that, they communicate the what, when, where, who, and why of business past, present, and future more persuasively than could be done with data alone.

  • Business analysts, data analysts, and data scientists
  • BI and analytics designers and developers
  • Anyone interested in learning new and highly effective ways to communicate and share information

  • Four reasons to pursue the art of storytelling
  • How to find the stories in data
  • How to choose the best media for storytelling
  • How to compose captivating and compelling stories

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