SAP CPQ Administration Training in Diyarbak������R

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  • Duration: 4 Days
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Upcoming Training

21 February 2022

4 Days

In this SAP CPQ Administration Training in Diyarbak������R, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of SAP CPQ and its functionalities and learn how to set up and administer the solution to best meet your organization’s needs. Through instructor-led demonstrations and hands-on exercises, you will learn how to:

  • configure products and services
  • set up pricing and promotions
  • generate accurate quotes
  • create quality custom proposals
  • perform administration tasks, such as creating users, markets, rules, and workflows


  • CPQ Foundations eLearning Course

  • System Administrators
  • Program/Project Managers
  • Technology Consultants
  • Application Consultants
  • Functional Consultants

This SAP CPQ Administration Training in Diyarbak������R will prepare you to:

  • Manage CPQ integrations, releases, and environments
  • Navigate the CPQ user interface
  • Set up companies, user types, and users
  • Configure products, attributes, and nesting structures
  • Set up pricing, markets, and promotions
  • Configure product and pricing rules
  • Write basic formulas using Formula Builder and CTX tags
  • Design custom tables and attribute containers
  • Generate quote documents
  • Develop document templates
  • Configure workflows and approvals

Introduction to CPQ

  • Discussing the uses of CPQ
  • Discussing integration capability with CPQ
  • Discussing the benefits of using CPQ

CPQ Overview

  • Explaining the CPQ catalog and its features
  • Configuring products in CPQ
  • Creating quotes
  • Providing customer billing and shipping information
  • Generating documents and sending the quote to the customer
  • Accessing and using the various application parameters

Users and User Types

  • Creating a new company profile
  • Creating a new user type
  • Manually creating a new user
  • Creating new users using the import method

Categories and Simple Products

  • Creating a new category
  • Creating a sub-category
  • Manually adding a new simple product to the product catalog
  • Importing multiple simple products using an Excel spreadsheet


  • Describing the purpose and function of an attribute
  • Defining the different attribute components
  • Manually adding and configuring new attributes
  • Importing attributes

Configurable Products

  • Describing a configurable product
  • Manually adding configurable products
  • Adding attributes to configurable products
  • Editing and adding attribute values
  • Configuring product layouts

Markets and Currencies

  • Adding different currencies
  • Converting currencies
  • Defining different markets
  • Using market definitions

Pricing and Pricebooks

  • Inserting and modifying pricing for products and attributes
  • Creating and configuring pricebooks
  • Describing how visibility conditions are related to pricebooks
  • Discussing pricebook hierarchies

Discounts and Multipliers

  • Creating discounts
  • Setting discount priorities
  • Creating multipliers

Special Pricing and Promotions

  • Creating a new discount promotion
  • Creating a free product promotion

Guided Selling

  • Creating a guided search
  • Using guided selling to find products

Formulas and Formula Builder

  • Using Formula Builder and expressions
  • Selecting the appropriate values when building expressions

Configuration Rules and Attribute Dependencies

  • Configuring rules using Formula Builder
  • Creating an attribute dependency rule


  • Explaining the purpose of triggers
  • Describing the three types of triggers
  • Adding a trigger

Custom Tables

  • Creating a new custom table by defining table and column names
  • Creating a new table by importing an excel file
  • Adding new columns to an existing table
  • Deleting an existing table
  • Exporting an empty excel file with column names so data records can be added and imported
  • Exporting an entire table
  • Reading through table entries, delete, insert new and modify existing

CTX Tags

  • Creating new approval rules
  • Submitting quotes for approval

Attribute Containers

  • Creating products with attributes containers
  • Defining attributes
  • Defining attribute container columns
  • Testing the attribute container configuration

Product Nesting

  • Creating product nesting using simple products
  • Creating product nesting using configurable products

Quote Elements

  • Creating quote tabs
  • Creating new custom quote fields
  • Choosing custom field permissions and quote item custom fields

Document Templates

  • Creating new document templates and section templates
  • Generating quote documents
  • Creating multi-section templates

Approvals, Workflows, and Notifications

  • Explaining the approval process
  • Adding a new approval rule
  • Defining workflow statuses and actions
  • Modifying workflow permissions
  • Creating and using approval rules
  • Sending notifications

Deploy/Send Changes

  • Understanding the Deploy/Send Changes feature
  • Ensuring the environment connections are properly configured
  • Creating a deployment package

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Upcoming Trainings

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21 February 2022

Classroom / Virtual Classroom

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