Cyber Security and the Board Training

  • Learn via: Classroom / Virtual Classroom / Online
  • Duration: 1 Day
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This highly engaging, practical workshop has been designed specifically for the C-suite and the Board. It relates to real life and delegates invariably find the material, the practical and easily grasped demonstrations, as well as its accessibility for even the least technical of people, both exciting and valuable.

The workshop is aimed at senior decision-makers who need to understand the key implications of cybercrime and cyber security, in order to exercise their governance and crisis response responsibilities effectively, but who do not have time to attend a full day course. It brings the topic to life, vividly explaining the key threats, vulnerabilities, solutions and the top management responses required when major incidents occur, all delivered in non-technical language and with a minimum of jargon.

This is an excellent non-technical introduction to cyber security for members of the Board, the C-suite and other senior staff from any background, domain or generation. There are no prerequisites for this workshop other than an interest in good governance and effective control in the era of high-tech.

Delegates will learn

  • The real nature of the risks that surround us all in our hyper-connected world
  • How basic data breaches, ransomware and service denial attacks actually occur
  • The true impact of cyber-attacks and breaches on modern organisations and on society
  • Common vulnerabilities that expose organisations to these types of crimes

Delegates will

  • Appreciate the full value of data and the value of the network itself as a critical asset
  • Understand the essentials of a solid cyber security programme
  • Know the key governance principles and leadership’s responsibilities for cyber security

Cybersecurity workshop

The workshop is delivered as a single 1-hour unit. It is hard-hitting and interactive, and relevant to today’s headlines, regulatory environment and cyber security challenges. The workshop is presented by dynamic senior associates with decades of experience addressing top management in blue chip private sector and public sector bodies:

  • The impact of cybercrime on people, processes, technology and reputations
  • Finding vulnerable senior targets online; practical
  • Social engineering via email, social media or web
  • Internet of Things risks; practical
  • The Cloud and Big Data explained
  • Password cracks; how do they happen? Practical
  • Data breaches explained
  • Malware in five minutes; viruses, worms, trojans, spyware and ransomware
  • Botnets and Malnets
  • Denial of Service attacks in brief
  • Blockchain and Bitcoin in a nutshell
  • The Darknet; a whistle-stop tour

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