Office 365 - Managing Microsoft Teams as an Owner Training

  • Learn via: Classroom / Virtual Classroom / Online
  • Duration: 2 Hours
  • Download PDF
  • We can host this training at your preferred location. Contact us!

Microsoft Teams require management to ensure the correct structure and settings are in place. In this course, Team owners will learn how to ensure their Team has the appropriate controls and settings.

This course is designed to be delivered remotely. Learners can attend from any appropriate location which has a suitable internet connection.

Target audience: New and existing Microsoft Teams owners who need to manage a Team’s structure, settings and members to ensure the Team is fit for its designated purpose.

  • Experience in using Microsoft Teams
  • Suitable internet access

  • Set a Team’s type
  • Set options and permissions for a Team
  • Control channels and channel visibility
  • Use channel tabs
  • Manage Team membership and roles
  • Use and set options for channel email addresses

  • Edit a Team
    • Descriptions and Team type settings
  • Manage a Team
    • Settings
    • Channel management
    • Working with Team members and roles
    • Adding apps
  • Team and Channel Links
    • Invitations by Team code
    • Use a link to a Team or channel
    • Get a channel email address and set options
  • Channel tabs
    • Create from a file

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