Pandemic Incident Exercising Scenario Training

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  • Duration: 4 Hours
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Criminals exploit system weaknesses, even in the midst of a COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, cyber crime thrives on the fact that business leaders are busy getting pandemic containment measures implemented, leading to an increased risk of a cybersecurity incident. Technology is good at reducing the number of breaches, but only real people, working together as a team can save the business once a breach has been successful. Stress, panic and communication problems between the tech team and the rest of the business can destroy the best technical response. Is your remote team ready to respond in a crisis and deal with the inevitable?

The CyberFish Immersive Incident Exercising platform was built on the deep cyber security and occupational psychology knowledge of the founders’ team. Our innovative crisis simulation games take teams through a realistic simulation of real life cyber incident scenarios, just like a fire drill, step by step. Our platform tracks, analyses and feeds back learning opportunities to users in order to improve their technical incident response handling in a pandemic, and remote team dynamics as social distancing quickly becomes the norm.

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There are no pre-requisites.

Learning Outcomes

Participating in the scenario informs strategy and decision making functions about answering questions such as:

  • How would the organisation’s remote team be able to co-ordinate incident
  • What behaviours does the organisation expect from their management team to model in the event of a cyber crisis within an existing crisis
  • How to set up a virtual war room, who to include in contingency planning
  • How to manage stakeholder communications, safeguard the company’s reputation and make the right decisions for the business under considerable stress

Course Outline

Our Pandemic Incident Exercising Scenario, developed by psychologists and cyber security experts, offers a learning experience for teams of 5-7 to work together solving an incident scenario based in a pandemic crisis setting.

Our scenario is highly recommended for diverse teams, including at least one technical participant representing the cyber security team, one management representative and one communications expert. The exercise can also add value to incident response teams who wish to stress-test their existing incident response plan in a pandemic environment.

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