Developer Challenge Based Learning - Subscription Training

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Avatao is an online security training platform that offers hands-on, job-relevant training exercises that enable developers to learn new skills, gain new insights, and practice new approaches in software security.

The platform covers the following topics areas; DevSecOps, OWASP, Java, C#, Python, C++, PHP, Perl

  • Individual: Are you a beginner, expert, or just interested in secure coding? Avatao lets individuals at all skill levels expand their knowledge and jumpstart their professional career.
  • Business: Streamline and simplify training in order to build a security culture within your business. Ideal for teams up to 100 developers.

This annual subscription is also available with volume discounts. Please contact us for more details.

  • Continuous learning - Rich library with over 800 hands-on exercises covering the entire SDLC. Developers learn how to properly write and review code, preventing unwanted data breaches and system vulnerabilities.
  • Workshops - Use our browser-based platform to supplement live workshops, allowing developers to discover the newest trends and tricks in software security.
  • CTFs & Hackathons - Create memorable group experiences with exciting competitions where teams or individuals solve exercises across popular security topics.
  • Onboarding - Integrate and empower new team members, whether they are onsite or remote, by highlighting proper coding practices and setting clear security expectations.
  • Career Tracks (Beta) - Align developer skills to their professional role with suggested learning paths designed to optimize work-performance and increase career mobility.
  • Assessment - Assess secure coding competency with real-world exercises, helping qualify and pre-screen developers entrusted with your product security.

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