BI and Analytics Executive Briefing Training

  • Learn via: Classroom / Virtual Classroom / Online
  • Duration: 1 Day
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Business Intelligence and Analytics are at the heart of business management today. Everyone from executives to knowledge workers depends on information to maximize business effectiveness and efficiency. The role of executives and senior business managers in creating value from BI and analytics simply can’t be overstated. This briefing gives executives essential insight into the purpose, scope, disciplines, and complexities of this data-centric world. It provides a business-oriented, nontechnical explanation of all facets of BI from business requirements to data management.

There are no prerequisites for this course.

  • Business executives and senior managers who sponsor BI and analytics programs
  • Business executives and senior managers who need BI and analytics solutions
  • BI program managers who must align BI with business priorities
  • BI and analytics leaders building comprehensive and cohesive business information and management capabilities
  • Anyone who needs an overview of BI and analytics

  • Meaningful and actionable definitions of BI, Performance Management, and Analytics
  • Components, architectures, and management disciplines for high-impact BI
  • The role of BI in business performance management
  • How dashboards and scorecards enable active business performance management
  • How BI and analytics work together and how they are different
  • Essential disciplines and practices for high-value analytics
  • Big Data roles, opportunities, and challenges

1. Business Intelligence

  • BI Defined
  • BI Components
  • The BI Roadmap
  • BI Maturity
  • BI Program Management
  • BI Architecture

2. Performance Management

  • Performance Management Defined
  • Performance Management Processes
  • Performance Indicators
  • Scorecards and Dashboards
  • Integrated Performance Management

3. Analytics

  • Analytics Defined
  • Analytics Processes
  • Analytics Foundations
  • Analytics Organizations
  • Analytics Architecture
  • Analytics Models

4. Big Data

  • Big Data Defined
  • Using Big Data
  • Working with Big Data
  • Big Data Architecture
  • Big Data Technology

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