BCS Intermediate and Practitioner Certificate in Solution and Enterprise Architecture Training

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  • Duration: 5 Days
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This single course combines the study needed to take both exams connected to the BCS Intermediate and Practitioner Certificates for Enterprise and Solution Architecture.

It reviews the important terms and concepts, and then shows how to put them into practice, particularly in areas such as governance, design of building blocks, modelling techniques to visualise architecture, and building architecture specifications.

This is an intensive and complete course with two main objectives:

  • To gain a solid understanding of Enterprise and Solution Architecture terms and practice, and
  • To prepare for two exams.

Both lecture and practical case-study sessions are held and mock questions are reviewed throughout. Delegates are provided with a revision programme to help them study in their own time which is followed up by a group review.

  • BCS recommend up to six years experience of IS/IT work including contact with architects and architecture descriptions. Delegates are permitted to sit both the Intermediate and Practitioner exam in two consecutive sessions. However a pass in the practitioner exam can only be recognised if the delegate has also passed the Intermediate exam.
  • Delegates who are already TOGAF 8 Certified or TOGAF 9 level 2 Certified are regarded as having the pre-requisites to be exempted from the Intermediate exam, and may sit the Practitioner exam only. Delegates will be required to provide a copy of their TOGAF certificate to BCS.

Recommended reading

It will be useful if the following documents could be reviewed, available from the BCS Official Website for this qualification:

  1. The Reference Model: https://www.bcs.org/media/1937/sd-esa-reference-model.pdf
  2. The Course Syllabus (intermediate): https://www.bcs.org/media/1938/sd-esa-syllabus.pdf
  3. The Course Syllabus (practitioner): https://www.bcs.org/media/1939/sd-esa-practitioner-syllabus.pdf
  4. The Practitioner Exam Case Study: https://www.bcs.org/media/6091/sd-esa-case-study.pdf

At the end of this course you will be able to understand, and use in a practical way, the key terms and concepts of systems architecture, including:

  • The main roles and goals of architecture
  • An explanation of both Enterprise and Solution context and architecture
  • Architecture governance
  • Techniques for describing architecture
  • An awareness of the most useful frameworks
  • Architecture Processes
  • The use of business, data, application and infrastructure components
  • Planning the implementation of architecture

Day One:

  • Definitions of Architect and Architecture
  • The Enterprise context and architecture
  • Group exercise

Day Two:

  • Business Architecture
  • The Solution Context
  • Group exercise

Day Three:

  • Applications Architecture
  • Data Architecture
  • Group exercise

Day Four:

  • Software Architecture
  • Infrastructure Architecture
  • Group exercise

Day Five:

  • Architecture Implementation
  • Architecture Frameworks


  • BCS Intermediate Certificate in Enterprise and Solution Architecture
  • BCS Practitioner Certificate in Enterprise and Solution Architecture


All BCS Enterprise and Solution Architecture exams will now be provided to delegates online. Delegates will be contacted by BCS to enable a time for their exam to be arranged – the exams will not be conducted during the course. All exams are closed book. Delegates doing the Practitioner exam are allowed to use a paper copy (which they must print out) of the Case Study scenario during the exam. Full details of the Practitioner Exam are available by clicking HERE.

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