Programming Lightning Web Components (DEX-602) Training

  • Learn via: Classroom
  • Duration: 5 Days
  • Price: From $4,225+VAT
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If your responsibilities include developing custom applications running in Lightning Experience and Salesforce mobile that support multiple devices and screen sizes from a single codebase, taking this class will boost your skills to the next level. In this course, you’ll learn how to program Lightning Web Components with markup, JavaScript, CSS, Apex, and the Salesforce Lightning Design System (SLDS), and make them available to Salesforce end users.

Who should take this course?

Programming Lightning Web Components is ideal for independent software vendors (ISVs) and web application developers who want to produce custom Lightning web components and applications that run in multiple Salesforce Experiences.

Prepare for the course with this Trailmix.

When you complete this course, you will be able to:
  • Develop Lightning web components for use in many Salesforce Experiences
  • Work in a modern Salesforce development environment using Visual Studio Code, Git, and the Salesforce CLI in conjunction with a Dev Hub and scratch orgs
  • Communicate between Lightning web components using custom events, public methods, and pub-sub
  • Read and write Salesforce data using wire service and imperative Apex
  • Style Lightning web components with CSS and SLDS
  • Build advanced components using service components, localization, third-party JavaScript, and external APIs
  • Create forms using standard components and custom controls
  • Develop in a source-tracked org and deploy to non source-tracked orgs

Introducing Lightning Web Components
  • The Lightning Web Components Model
  • Creating Lightning Web Components
  • Styling Components
  • Defining Component Properties
  • Handling DOM Events
  • Debugging Lightning Web Components
  • Working with Salesforce Data
  • Using Base Lightning Components
  • Raising and Handling Events
  • Advanced Communication Between Components
Surfacing Lightning Web Components
  • Building Lightning Pages with Components and App Builder
  • Building Components for Lightning Experience Record Pages
  • Surfacing Lightning Web Components
  • Overriding Standard Actions
  • Defining a Lightning Application
  • Using Lightning in Visualforce Pages with Lightning Out
  • Other Supported Experiences
Implementing Navigation and Layouts
  • Using lightning-vertical-navigation
  • Using lightning-datatable
  • Implementing Button Groups
  • Building Responsive Layouts
Building Advanced Components
  • Creating a Custom, Responsive Datatable
  • Defining Public Functions on Components
  • Service Components and Toast Notifications
  • Slots and Modal Notifications
  • Localization
  • Renderers and Third-Party JS
Working with Data
  • Implementing Forms
  • Implementing Forms with Custom Controls
  • Validating Input Data
  • Viewing and Editing Salesforce Records
  • Waiting for Server Requests to Complete
Working with Source-Tracked Orgs
  • Org Development Model and Deployments
Testing Lightning Web Components with Jest
Lightning Web Components for Aura Developers

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Upcoming Trainings

Join our public courses in our Istanbul, London and Ankara facilities. Private class trainings will be organized at the location of your preference, according to your schedule.

Classroom / Virtual Classroom
11 June 2024
Istanbul, Ankara, London
5 Days
Classroom / Virtual Classroom
27 August 2024
Istanbul, Ankara, London
5 Days
Classroom / Virtual Classroom
02 November 2024
Istanbul, Ankara, London
5 Days
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