If you are wondering what UNIX is, what it is used for, and where to use it; the answers that you're looking for are in Bilginç! UNIX, the most powerful and multitasking operating system is a flexible and robust operating system that can run on many devices. It would not be wrong to say that the UNIX operating system takes its power from being written in the C programming language! Today, the owner of the operating system UNIX, is The Open Group, which we know very well from Enterprise Architecture TOGAF and UNIX is considered of the basis of Linus Torvalds' Linux operating system. Since most of the operating systems you know are UNIX-based (except for Windows-based operating systems), UNIX is very important in the industry. Check out our UNIX training catalog to learn UNIX, which allows the same resources to be shared by different users on a single system and can be optimized to run on different devices.

You can improve your UNIX skills by participating in our Multi-vendor UNIX Fundamentals training or Multi-Vendor Advanced Unix Data Tools and Techniques training, which we provide with original documentation, original content, with our expert trainers. You can get one step ahead of your competitors by attending our UNIX trainings, which you can request as online or as classroom training!
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