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14 Temmuz 2021

3 Gün

This course teaches you how to produce high-quality presentation graphics using ODS Graphics, which is a part of Base SAS beginning with SAS 9.3.

Before attending this course, you should have completed the SAS Programming 1: Essentials course or have equivalent programming experience. This course addresses Base SAS software, beginning with SAS 9.3. For SAS 9.2, ODS Graphics is part of SAS/GRAPH software.

This course addresses Base SAS software, beginning with SAS 9.3 For SAS 9.2, ODS Graphics is part of SAS/Graph software.

Who should attend?

SAS users who want to generate plots and charts interactively or using SAS program code

  • use programming statements or the interactive ODS Graphics Designer to create scatter plots, line plots, regression plots, bar charts, histograms, and many other commonly used types of graphs
  • create multi-panel graphs
  • customize graph elements such as markers, plot lines, fills, axes, and legends
  • apply annotations that supplement the features available with ODS Graphics procedures
  • deliver graphs in multiple formats, such as static image files that can be exported to other applications.

Introduction and Graphical Reporting Overview

  •  course logistics
  •  creating graphical output in SAS
  •  ODS Graphics examples
  •  comparing ODS Graphics and SAS/GRAPH

Overview of ODS Graphics

  •  ODS Graphics components
  •  ODS Graphics procedures and interfaces
  •  ODS Graphics output

Creating Graphs with Base SAS and SAS/STAT Procedures

  •  graphics output from the FREQ procedure
  •  graphics output from the UNIVARIATE procedure
  •  additional information about creating graphs with Base SAS and statistical procedures

SGPLOT Procedure

  •  basic plots: SCATTER and SERIES
  •  basic plots: BAND, NEEDLE, BUBBLE, HIGHLOW
  •  distribution plots
  •  categorization charts and plots
  •  fit and confidence plots
  •  overlaying plots

Controlling the Appearance of Plots

  •  using styles
  •  using procedure options to control graph appearance
  •  adding reference lines
  •  controlling axis appearance
  •  controlling legend appearance
  •  adding text to a graph
  •  creating and using your own styles

SGPANEL Procedure

  •  PLOT and PANELBY statements
  •  controlling axis and legend appearance


  •  PLOT statement
  •  COMPARE statement
  •  MATRIX statement

Annotating ODS Graphics

  •  introduction to annotation
  •  controlling the drawing space
  •  using the LINE and ARROW functions
  •  using the TEXT and TEXTCONT functions

Graph Template Language and the SGRENDER Procedure

  •  introduction to Graph Template Language (GTL)
  •  a closer look at GTL
  •  modifying GTL produced by SG procedures and creating custom graphs
  •  using dynamic references and macro variables

ODS Graphics Designer

  •  using the ODS Graphics Designer
  •  saving and redisplaying graphs using Graph Template Language (GTL) and the SGRENDER procedure
  •  saving SGD files and redisplaying graphs using the SGDESIGN procedure

Learning More

  •  SAS resources
  •  next steps

ODS Graphics Editor

  •  creating an SGE file and opening the editor
  •  modifying attributes of an existing graph
  • adding elements to a graph

Using Attribute Maps

  •  creating and using attribute maps

Using ODS Graphics with SAS Enterprise Guide

  •  creating plots using Base SAS and statistical procedures
  •  creating graphs using ODS Graphics procedures
  •  general considerations for creating graphics using SAS Enterprise Guide
  •  using the ODS Graphics Designer and ODS Graphics Editor

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14 Temmuz 2021

3 Gün
Classroom / Virtual Classroom

İstanbul, Ankara, Londra
İstanbul, Ankara, Londra