Oracle Application Testing Suite: Essentials Ed 3 Eğitimi

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In this Oracle Application Testing Suite: Essentials course, you'll learn how to use three components of Oracle Application Testing Suite to test the quality, performance, and reliability of Web applications and Oracle-packaged applications.

Learn To:

  • Explain the Oracle Application Testing Suite Components.
  • Create and run functional test scripts in OpenScript.
  • Create load test scripts in OpenScript and run them in Oracle Load Testing.
  • Manage the overall testing process with Oracle Test Manager.
  • Administer Oracle Application Testing Suite.

Benefits To You

You will benefit from learning how to test functionality and load performance of Web, Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), and packaged applications and manage the testing process.

  • Create simple functional and load test scripts in OpenScript
  • Customize scripts in OpenScript
  • Correlate load test scripts in OpenScript
  • Run load test scripts in Oracle Load Testing and analyze the data
  • Manage and run tests with Oracle Test Manager
  • Administer Oracle Application Testing Suite

Product Orientation

  • About Oracle Enterprise Manager
  • Oracle Application Quality Management Products
  • Oracle Application Testing Suite Products
  • About Oracle OpenScript
  • Testing Accelerators for Oracle Applications
  • Testing Accelerators for Non-UI-Based Applications
  • Course Schedule
  • Classroom Environment

Installing Oracle Application Testing Suite

  • Obtaining Software
  • System Requirements
  • Running the Installer
  • Verifying Installed Components
  • Setting Your Default Browser
  • Starting the Avitek Medical Sample Application
  • Accessing Oracle Application Testing Suite Components

Getting Started with Oracle OpenScript

  • About Scripts
  • Starting New Projects
  • Selecting Perspectives
  • Navigating the Workbench
  • Managing Script Assets
  • Managing Repositories and Workspaces
  • Managing Scripts
  • Setting General Preferences for OpenScript

About Oracle Functional Testing

  • Introduction
  • Actions
  • Objects
  • Parameterization
  • Validations
  • Extensibility

Recording Web Functional Test Scripts

  • About the Web Functional Test Module
  • Creating Web Functional Test Projects
  • Recording and Playing Back Web Functional Test Scripts
  • Verifying Client Software
  • Examining the Script Pane After Recording
  • Examining Common Node Commands
  • Viewing and Modifying Node Properties
  • Analyzing Playback Results and Setting Preferences

Customizing Web Functional Test Scripts

  • Ignoring Think Times During Playbacks
  • Validating Results
  • Parameterizing Inputs with Databanks
  • Adding Command Nodes to Scripts
  • Embedding Functions in Nodes
  • Passing Lists and Key/Value Pairs to Functions

About Oracle Load Testing

  • Introduction
  • Oracle Load Testing Architecture
  • System Requirements
  • Load Test Scripts
  • HTTP Transactions
  • Data Parameterization
  • Data Validations

Recording HTTP Load Test Scripts

  • About the HTTP Module
  • Creating HTTP Load Test Projects
  • Recording HTTP Load Test Scripts
  • Examining the Script Pane After Recording
  • Viewing Recorded Server Responses
  • Playing Back HTTP Load Test Scripts
  • Setting General Playback Preferences
  • Setting HTTP Preferences

Correlating Data in HTTP Load Test Scripts

  • OpenScript's Correlation Process
  • Creating Manual Correlations for Web/HTTP Scripts
  • Viewing the HTTP Correlation Library
  • Enabling Libraries and Rules
  • Adding Libraries and Rules
  • Testing New Correlation Rules

Customizing Load Test Scripts

  • Adding Command Nodes
  • Validating Results
  • Parameterizing Inputs with Databanks
  • Adding Custom Functions
  • Debugging Scripts in Tree View
  • Importing RUEI Session Logs

Running Load Tests in Oracle Load Testing

  • About Oracle Load Testing
  • Navigating Oracle Load Testing
  • Creating Repositories
  • Creating and Editing Scenarios
  • Adding Scenario Profiles to the Autopilot
  • Starting and Stopping Load Tests
  • Monitoring the Virtual User Grid
  • Configuring Oracle Load Testing Defaults

Adding ServerStats Configurations to Load Tests

  • About ServerStats Configurations
  • Monitor Types
  • Data Collector Process
  • Naming ServerStats Configurations
  • Adding Monitors to ServerStats Configurations
  • Running Load Tests with a ServerStats Configuration

Analyzing Load Test Data

  • About Analyzing Load Test Data
  • View Run Graphs Tab
  • Viewing Default Runtime Graphs
  • Creating Runtime Graphs
  • Viewing the Performance Statistics Report
  • Create Reports Tab
  • Viewing Session Performance Reports
  • Creating Post-Run Graphs

Managing Test Plans, Requirements, and Tests with Oracle Test Manager

  • About Oracle Test Manager
  • Logging On to Oracle Test Manager
  • Managing Test Plans
  • Managing Requirements
  • Managing Tests
  • Managing Test Sets

Running Tests and Managing Issues and Reports with Oracle Test Manager

  • Running Tests
  • Managing Issues
  • Managing Reports and Dashboards
  • Configuring Oracle Test Manager
  • Configuring Remote Systems

Administering Oracle Load Testing and Oracle Test Manager

  • About Administrator
  • Logging On to Administrator
  • Administering Oracle Load Testing
  • Administering Oracle Test Manager
  • Administering the Databases

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