Skills Hack - Inclusivity at Work Eğitimi

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“Don’t tolerate me as different, accept me as part of the spectrum of normalcy”
Anne Northrop - politician, journalist and activist  

Diversity and inclusion are key to business and organisational success. Evidence increasingly demonstrates that organisations who make the most of their people by creating a fair and inclusive environment in which people are free to be at their best are the most successful organisations.
Equally, understanding more about diversity and inclusion helps all of us work more effectively within today’s diverse organisations.

People often ask us:

  • What are my responsibilities in terms of diversity and inclusion?
  • What does the law say about diversity and inclusion?
  • How can I work effectively with a wide range of people from diverse backgrounds?
  • How can I effectively challenge behaviour that makes me uncomfortable?

Embracing diversity and developing your inclusion skills creates an environment where you, your colleagues and customers can be happier, more creative and more productive.

This workshop aims to support you in ensuring that the environment you and your colleagues work in is fully inclusive and makes the most of the diverse and talented people within it – creating a workplace in which we can all help each other to be at our best.

Target audience

This ½ day session is suitable for all front line staff and as an introduction to managers.

  • Understanding unfairness
  • Diversity, respect and inclusion
  • Legal stuff – the Equality Act 2010
  • Challenging inappropriate behaviour
  • Personal action plan

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