Solve Problems and Make Decisions Eğitimi

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26 Nisan 2021

2 Gün

This course provides an introduction to practical problem solving techniques and structured creative thinking tools and you will learn how to confront challenges from a different perspective. This practical course will work towards unleashing your creative brain in order to solve complex problems.

Today's competitive business world generates challenges which require rapid understanding and resolution. We all have the capacity to invent solutions that are both highly creative and effective, but many of us lack the tools to guide us to a strong decision we believe in.

This introductory course is designed to help participants to generate creative solutions to problems, be discriminating in their choice of options for development and select practical solutions for implementation.

Target Audience:

You will benefit from this course if you need an introduction in to how to demonstrate creativity and utilise a variety of techniques to solve problems as part of your job.

  • Introduction to problem solving approaches.
  • Barriers to effective problem solving and decision making.
  • The use of problem solving techniques.
  • Techniques for identifying and defining the causes of the problem.
  • Methods of data collection and interpretation.
  • Assessment of your natural creativity.
  • Techniques to generate a list of viable options.
  • Force field analysis and decision making styles.
  • Techniques for testing, selecting and implementing the options.
  • Reviewing the outcomes and evaluating the results.

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26 Nisan 2021

2 Gün

İstanbul, Ankara, Londra
İstanbul, Ankara, Londra

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