iCAgile - ICP-ACC Agile Coaching Eğitimi

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This certification course enables you to create a flexible and trusting environment for Agile teams to work collaboratively and achieve healthy conflict resolution. It focuses on developing an understanding of the fundamentals of the professional coaching skill set and when to apply coaching, mentoring, facilitation or training to serve individuals and teams in agile contexts. You will learn to understand and work with teams and your organisation as human systems.
The course is highly interactive and blends practical theory, tools and techniques with workshopping and using your own case studies to immediately relate what you are learning to your agile teams at work.


You will be assessed by your coach/trainer throughout the course on the following:

Pre-course preparation – Case Study

  • You will be asked to bring a case study to work on at different points during the course. It will need to demonstrate your knowledge of the team and organisational aspects of what is helping or hindering agility. We will send you a case study template to help you prepare.

During the course:

  • Your contributions to activities, discussions and feedback to the cohort – demonstrating the learning outcomes
  • Your ability to demonstrate Scrum Values – Commitment, Openness, Courage, Respect and Focus during activities throughout the course

ScrumMasters, Iteration Managers and Agile Project Managers who are qualified agilists, or have a solid knowledge of Agile. Aspiring coaches with a passion for servant leadership and a desire to learn and practice facilitation, professional coaching, mentoring, and teaching in service of Agile teams. N.B. A good working knowledge of Agile is essential.

  • Develop an agile coaching mindset to best serve agile teams
  • Assess agile team development and boost high performance
  • Develop and practise a collaborative and flexible set of coaching tools – listening and questioning to empower your teams
  • Understand when coaching, mentoring, facilitation or training will serve the agile team best
  • Be comfortable maintaining a strong presence whilst supporting the team ‘from the sidelines’
  • Coach teams to identify, probe and explore issues collaboratively
  • Mentor teams at free choice so they retain ownership and accountability
  • Coach, mentor and facilitate teams through change
  • Facilitate role transitions within the agile framework
  • Use Emotional Intelligence and articulate neutral observations to serve the team
  • Overcome resistance whilst keeping people ‘onside’
  • Creating coaching alliances and coaching contracts

  • Development in the Agile Coaching Discipline
  • Setting Boundaries for Agile Coaching
  • Professional Coaching
  • Coach as Mentor
  • Coach as Teacher
  • Coach as Team Coach

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19 Nisan 2021

3 Gün

İstanbul, Ankara, Londra
Bilgi İste & Kayıt Ol İstanbul, Ankara, Londra

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