Learn to Code - Creating Web Pages Eğitimi

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  • Süre: 1 Gün
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Web design can look complicated to the beginner. This course is an easy to understand first step towards creating meaningful web content and will give delegates an understanding of how to put together simple web pages incorporating links, images and basic styling. The course is designed to provide delegates with hands-on experience of building their own Web pages.

Target Audience:

The course is aimed at anyone who has been charged with developing basic web content.

  • Delegates should have a working knowledge of the Windows operating environment and be familiar with the concepts and use of the Internet.

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand what HTML is, how it is used and how it came to be
  • Use a text editor to create an HTML document
  • Create links to locations within a site, within a page and to external sites
  • Format Web page content by using HTML/XHTML tags and Cascading Style Sheets
  • Incorporate graphics into Web pages as embedded images, links, and backgrounds
  • Generate unordered, ordered, and nested lists in HTML documents
  • Build and format tables and add inline frames for presenting information in different formats
  • Obtain an understanding of basic CSS

Module 1 - Introduction

  • Topic A - Evolution of the Web
  • Topic B - Web Terminology
  • Topic C - Exercises

Module 2 - Basic HTML

  • Topic A - HTML Standards
  • Topic B - Basic HTML
  • Topic C - Heading and Paragraph Tags
  • Topic D - Text Formatting Tags
  • Topic E - Special Characters
  • Topic F - Syntax Errors and Non Standard HTML

Module 3 - Lists, Links and XHTML

  • Topic A - Lists
  • Topic B - Hyperlinks
  • Topic C - XHTML

Module 4 - Images

  • Topic A - Image File Formats
  • Topic B - GIF, JPEG and PNG
  • Topic C - Inline Images: the <img> Tag

Module 5 - Tables, iframes and CSS

  • Topic A - Tables
  • Topic B - The <iframe> Tag
  • Topic C - Cascading Style Sheets

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