About Us

About Us

Since 1995, the quality of our trainings is what we value the most. Our journey starts with our participants and helping people become experts is our mission. In the last 27 years, we trained many IT professionals from different companies who are spearheading Denmark's digital transformation. We are more than happy to assist Danish market-leader companies while they shape the ever changing and evolving digital landscape.

Bilginç IT Academy integrates new generation training methodologies to Denmark's requirements. In January 2019, we became partners with the United Kingdom’s most accredited training center, QA. So now, we’re even bigger! We’re working with a very experienced team of British experts while delivering trainings with original and most up-to-date content. 

Internationally Accredited Certification

One of the ways to make rapid progress in your IT career is to get International Certifications. Alongside our diversified Certification Exam preparation trainings at our training catalogue, we provide registration support to all attendees who wish to take Certification Exams at the end of the trainings.

Learning Pathways

Learning Pathways will be specially prepared by our partner QA’s content experts and it will provide professional support for creating target role profiles of your employees while making your annual training plans. So that, you can offer your employees a career development path instead of having them take unraveled trainings throughout the year.

Online Training Platform 

Our training partner QA’s subsidiary Cloud Academy is an online training platform that we highly recommend. Cloud Academy, which is preferred extensively both in Denmark and all around the world, especially in Banking and Finance, Telecommunication, Information and Insurance industries, sets itself apart from its competitors in many fields. Offering a broad range of trainings from Red Hat to ITIL, AWS to DevOps, this platform provides you accredited trainings with original labs. 

Corporate Trainings Only

As Bilginc IT Academy, we organize only corporate trainings for 27 years. We are happy to be the first-choice of Denmark's market-leader companies!

Special Partnerships 

We provide most recent trainings like Cyber Security, Secure Coding, Container, Kubernetes and Data Science, with the support of our special partnerships that evolved in years. Our foreign partners, who are experts in their fields and have considerable experience in Europe, USA and Denmark, make a huge difference with their special training contents and award-winning trainers. 

British Computer Society Certificate

IT employees who would like to pursue their career in abroad, should definitely get BCS certificate! BCS approved trainings will take you one step ahead in every country from USA to Europe, and especially in UK. For more information on British Computer Society, which has 68.000 members in 150 countries and has been supporting IT professionals since the creation of the digital age, please visit our website.

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