Oracle Application Express - Level 2 Eğitimi

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  • Süre: 2 Gün
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This level 2 course is for anyone has attended the level 1 course and wants to learn more about Application Express (APEX)

We recommend a basic knowledge of SQL and PL/SQL & APEX or attendance of the following courses prior to attending the course: 

Oracle Database: SQL And PL/SQL Fundamentals

Also the course: Oracle Application Express Level 1

Adding Features to Your Application 

  • BLOB handling
  • Sending E-Mails and attachments
  • Creating Tabular Forms Manually
  • Using Collections
  • User defined Error Handling
  • Creating Data Load Pages
  • Creating Trees

Introduction to Dynamic Actions 

  • What are Dynamic Actions?
  • Creating an Enable/Disable Declarative Dynamic Action
  • Creating a Set Value Dynamic Action with a SQL Statement
  • Create a Set Value Dynamic Action Using PL/SQL
  • Changing the class when an item is null
  • Disabling a Button When Items are Null
  • Refreshing the data in a report using custom filters

Introduction to Plug-ins

  • Identifying the steps to creating and using a plug-in in your Application
  • Importing a plug-in
  • Creating a plug-in

Creating Mobile Applications 

  • Add a mobile user interface to a database application
  • Creating List View
  • Creating and linking a form to the application
  • Add a link on the Home page
  • Use some of the HTML5 item types
  • Adding a HTML5 chart to your application

Creating Dynamic Content

  • Understanding Conditional Logic
  • Dynamic PL/SQL Content
  • Creating PL/SQL Reports


  • What are Websheets?
  • Websheet verses Database Applications
  • Creating Websheets
  • Editing Properties
  • Running the WebsheetPages
  • Pages and Sections
  • Incorporating a Text Section
  • Incorporating a Data Section
  • Incorporating a Chart Section
  • Incorporating a PL/SQL Section
  • Incorporating a Navigation Section
  • Adding Annotations to a Page
  • Using Markup Syntax
  • Sharing Websheets with Users

Team Development Functionality

  • Tracking features, milestones, bugs and to dos
  • Managing Feedback

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