Introduction to Django Eğitimi

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This Django training course is for beginners as well as for programmers who already have some experience with Django.

You should have experience in an object-oriented programming language. Python knowledge is ideal but not mandatory to get started. In addition, you should have basic knowledge in web application development with databases.

After an introduction of the basics of the web application framework Django, all participants will install Django themselves. Then we start developing a first, simple application.

We develop this application further and deepen our knowledge about the used components.

  • Software tools for a Django development environment

  • Database abstraction (Object Relational Mapper)

    • Creation of a model
    • Model validation
    • Export and import of data (via JSON)
    • Working with an ORM on the commandline
  • Using Django's admin

  • Defining URLs at one place (Routing)

  • In-depth explanation of function based views

  • How to use class-based views

  • Creating templates using Django's template engine

  • How to handle static files in Django

  • Managing Django's settings

  • Different debugging techniques

  • Logging

  • Forms and their validation

  • Sending email using a form

  • Pagination

  • Authentication

  • Sessions and messages

  • Security

  • Write your own middleware

  • Create your own tags and filters

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