Developing Applications and Restful Services with PHP Eğitimi

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This five-day advanced-level course is designed to follow on from the “Web Development Fundamentals - PHP” course to introduce the idea of PHP MVC frameworks and RESTful services. 

The course is designed to be framework-agnostic and takes you through:
  • Setting up an MVC framework on an Apache/MySQL (or MariaDB)/PHP stack
  • Examining how to create Views to display data
  • Creating Controllers to control what data is displayed
  • Constructing and using Models that with an SQL database to supply data
  • Security of data
  • The use of PHPUnit for unit and test-driven development.
The final part of the course discusses how this technology stack can be used to create a RESTful service to supply data to remote request points.
The course is delivered through a series of workshops based around agile-style user stories and a collaborative project which threads through the 5 days.

Target Audience

This course is appropriate for anyone who has a reasonable amount of web development experience, including some PHP exposure and is looking to extend their skills into full-stack PHP development and/or PHP as part of a backend service. It may be of particular interest to those looking for a grounding in PHP-MVC before learning a framework like Zend or Laravel.

  • Delegates MUST have HTML and CSS skills equivalent to those provided by the Web Development Fundamentals – HTML and CSS course.
  • Delegates MUST have PHP skills equivalent to those provided by the Web Development Fundamentals – PHP course.
  • Delegates would benefit from having some experience in JavaScript and skills equivalent to those provided by Web Development Fundamentals – JavaScript are recommended

At the end of this course you will be able to:
  • Create and use PHP Views, Controllers and Models
  • Creating and querying an SQL database using PHP
  • Create and authenticate sessions in PHP
  • Use PHPUnit to perform unit tests and test-driven development
  • Use PHP to deliver endpoint data as a RESTful

Workshop 1 – Creating Views
Creating VIEWs using PHP for a web application:
  • Using a design principle called Model-View-Controller (MVC)
  • Using some of the ideas presented by Agile software development methodology
  • Through mixing PHP and HTML code
Workshop 2 – HTML Forms and Security
Creating secure forms for a user to submit:
  • Using a HTML elements and HTTPS requests
  • Using techniques to validate and sanitise the data
Workshop 3 – Objects, Models and Databases
Using PHP and SQL to interact with a database safely:
  • Using appropriate Object Oriented PHP
  • Using safe querying techniques
  • Using security measures to use passwords securely
Workshop 4 - Controllers
Routing users to the correct page depending on session data

Workshop 5 – Sessions and Authentication
Managing cookies and sessions to help with the security of PHP applications

Workshop 6 - Testing using PHPUnit
Use PHPUnit to test code including:
  • Setting up PHPUnit to run unit tests
  • Writing some simple tests in PHPUnit
  • Testing objects in PHPUnit
  • Testing databases in PHPUnit with DBUnit
Workshop 7 – Building a RESTful service in PHP
Understanding what RESTful and Micro services are, including:
  • Understanding how other applications consume these services
  • Creating a RESTful service using PHP

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