Handling Difficult Conversations Eğitimi

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As working culture changes and we design new ways of working together, the need for communication and psychological safety is ever more important. Common concerns we hear from people who attend this session include:

  • What does my approach say about me?
  • How do I approach the difficult conversation?
  • What will make my conversations constructive?
  • How can I reduce or avoid conflict in difficult conversations?

This is an interactive and participative virtual workshop where you can share your ideas, practise in a safe environment and learn from others.

Target Audience

Anyone who is managing a remote team and is expected to give feedback based on performance or behaviour

Pre-Course Work

You’ll be invited to think of at least one difficult conversation scenario that you need to have, or have had in the recent past.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the types of ‘difficult conversation’ you might encounter
  • Identify a 5 step process for handling difficult conversations
  • Explore mind-sets and other factors that can help and hinder conversations
  • Identify the core skills for making difficult conversations more positive
  • Apply key tools to difficult conversation scenarios.

  1. Welcome and introductions
  2. The 5 step process
  3. Skills and mindsets for difficult conversations
  4. The AID model for feedback
  5. Fierce conversations
  6. Conversation practise
  7. Summary and action planning
  8. Close
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