DevOps, Development And Operations, is a philosophical cultural approach. DevOps is a corporate software development term used to express the relationship between developers and operations team. Biggest organizations like Google, Amazon, Twitter and Etsy prefer DevOps. Companies can avoid undesired situations such as delayed projects, faulty products, failed version attempts with DevOps.

Benefits of DevOps:

In general, we can examine the benefits of DevOps training in 3 main topics; technical benefits, cultural benefits and contributions to the business process. DevOps provides continuous software delivery and offers important technical solutions like, less complexity to manage IT process, faster resolution of problems. DevOps, by nature, provides cultural benefits to organizations. When we take a look at the cultural benefits of DevOps, we can see that DevOps provides higher employee engagement. Additionally, employees who receive DevOps training, face opportunities for further development in their professional development. In the business field, DevOps contributes to the business process, as it collaborates with improved communication. The DevOps LifeCycle provides faster deliveries and more stable work environments.

In the last year, 2019, as Bilginç IT Academy, we issued 95 DevOps certificates, certified by the DevOps Institute, with DevOps Attend-from-Anywhere trainings. The reason why market leaders prefer us is that we deliver DevOps trainings with original DevOps Institute content. Alongside our advantage of original contents, we organize DevOps trainings with awarded expert trainers. Participants will get their internationally recognized DevOps Institute certifications after their DevOps trainings. 

DevOps Institute Approved DevOps Foundation Training:

One of our most demanded DevOps trainings is DevOps Institute Certified DevOps Foundation. We use the DevOps Institute Original Contents in our DevOps Foundation trainings. Working with certified instructors and content from the DevOps Institute is required to obtain a valid certificate. The DevOps Institute is the continuous learning community around emerging DevOps practices. Working with examination partner PEOPLECERT, the DevOps Institute is setting the quality standard for DevOps competency based qualifications. We deliver our DevOps Foundation trainings with DevOps Guru David Tomlinson from the United Kingdom. David is an expert trainer with all DevOps certificates. What makes David the best on DevOps trainings is his extensive expertise in DevOps and real world project management experience. You’ll understand the difference one you’ll attend to one of his DevOps trainings and you’ll definitely want to join his other trainings as well, like all the other participants. There won’t be any unanswered questions at trainings with him.

If you want to experience David’s expertise and get your DevOps Instute Certified DevOps Foundation certificate with original contents, take a look at our Certified DevOps Foundation training!

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DevOps - Development And Operations, is a philosophical cultural approach and a corporate software development term used to express the relationship between developers and operations team. Market leader companies, such as Google, Amazon, Twitter and Etsy, prefer DevOps. With DevOps, companies can avoid unpleasant situations, like delayed projects, faulty products, failed version attempts.
DevOps provides continuous software delivery and offers an easier process of managing IT and a much faster process of problem resolution.

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