Cloud computing is one of the most popular investment choice for technology and IT professionals worldwide. We are sharing a list of 5 Cloud Certifications that will certainly help you career in 2021. From AWS and Google, to Microsoft and CompTIA, different vendors are offering important certifications. 

AWS Solutions Architect 

The AWS Solutions Architect certification is one of the most pursued and achieved cloud certifications by IT professionals. 

Average annual salary of AWS Solutions Architect Certification holders in the USA is $130,000

Solution Architects operate organizations’s cloud computing architecture. Solution Architects have a comprehensive overview of the architectural concepts and resources that are used to develop strategic cloud strategy, assist with cloud transformation activities, analyze workload architectures, and offer recommendations about how to cope with high-risk problems. The "AWS Well Architected System" foundations are guarded by Solution Architects, who ensure that customers follow best practices, guidelines, and advice to build cloud technologies that are safe, resilient, effective, and controlled with operational excellence.

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Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect

Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect is one of the highest paying IT certifications in the USA with an average annual salary of $175,000. 

Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect exam assesses your ability to;

- Create a cloud solution architecture and map it out,

- Analyze and develop technological and organizational procedures,

- Security and compliance design,

- Manage and provision the framework for cloud solutions,

- Ensure the solution's and operations' dependability, 

- Manage cloud architecture deployments.

To get ready for the exam, enroll to our certified Google Cloud Fundamentals and Architecting with Google Cloud Platform courses and guarantee your success. 

AWS Certified Developer

Last year, American professionals holding AWS Certified Developer Certification earned 18% more that the average tech salary. 

Building, managing, and improving cloud technology for web applications is the responsibility of an AWS Developer. They must be informed about AWS infrastructure and its complexities, as well as at least one programming language.

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Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate

This popular Microsoft certification validates the ability to manage Azure storage, virtual machines, virtual networks, identities, application services and more.

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CompTIA Cloud+

CompTIA Cloud+ certification validates the skills that you need to maintain and optimize cloud infrastructure services. 

Cloud+ validates what is necessary to work successfully in data center positions by covering the expanded variety in experience, expertise, and abilities required by system administrators. Cloud-based infrastructure technologies are becoming an increasingly valuable aspect of an organization's IT processes, according to CompTIA Cloud+.

As the only vendor-neutral, performance-based certification that covers more than a specific vendor or a single function — like networking or security — to help you get the most out of cloud computing services.

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the most widely used cloud platforms in the world. Large companies, government agencies and startups prefer AWS to reduce costs, operate in a more agile way and grow faster. AWS is also one of the most secure and flexible cloud platforms. AWS is a very fast platform for those who want to experiment and innovate.

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