Power BI Service Training in Finland

  • Learn via: Classroom
  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Price: From €1,189+VAT
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This course is designed to teach a user how to use the Power BI Service web portal. If you want to learn how to create and design Power BI models and reports, please take a look at one of the Power BI Desktop courses.

This course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to:

  • consume reports and dashboards in Power BI Service
  • creating reports and customising dashboards in Power BI Service
  • share workspaces and apps in Power BI Service

Target Audience

Anyone who will be consuming reports and sharing using Power BI Service.

No previous experience of Power BI is required

Module 1: Power BI Service introduction and loading data
This module introduces Power BI Service and shows where the product fits into the Power BI environment. The module also shows how Power BI Service can have data files imported into it by users.

Lab 1:

  • Access the Power BI Service with an account provided
  • Navigate the Power BI Service environment
    • Datasets
    • Reports
    • Dashboards
  • Import various source files

Module 2: Basic reports
This module focusses on adding reports based upon Power BI datasets within Power BI Service. The techniques are shared with the Power BI Desktop approach. Most of the different built-in visualisations available will be shown.

Lab 2a: Textual

  • Add textual visualisations to a report:
    • Table
    • Matrix
    • Card

Lab 2b: Charts

  • Add chart visualisations to a report:
    • Clustered bar chart
    • Line chart
    • Pie chart
  • Customise the charts using formatting options

Lab 2c: Maps

  • Add map visualisations to a report:
    • Shape map
    • Map

Lab 2d:

  • Add slicer visualisations to a report:
    • Text slicer

Module 3: Dashboards
This module focusses creating and managing a dashboard content. A dashboard can have multiple visualisations added from reports, have tiles added directly or pin complete reports.

Lab 3:

  • Pin content from existing reports
  • Change pinned tile properties
  • Resize and rearrange tiles

Module 4: Sharing content
This module focusses sharing reports and dashboards to other Power BI users.

Lab 4:

  • Share a report to other team members
  • Retrieve reports shared by team members with you

Module 5: Workspaces
This module focusses working with workspaces other than “My Workspace” and making the workspace available to other Power BI Service users, for collaboration and team working on producing content.

Lab 5a: Workspaces

  • Create a new workspace
  • Import a new Power BI Desktop file
  • Create a dashboard
  • Grant access to other team members to the workspace
  • Access the workspace granted access by other team members

Lab 5b: Apps

  • Create a new workspace
  • Import a new Power BI Desktop file
  • Create a dashboard
  • Publish the workspace as an App
  • Access the Apps published by other team members

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Upcoming Trainings

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Power BI Service Training Course in Finland

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