Post Quantum Cryptography Training in Norway

  • Learn via: Classroom
  • Duration: 3 Days
  • Level: Fundamentals
  • Price: From €5,395+VAT
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Post-quantum cryptography is no longer just a futuristic concept, but a necessity in the present day. Anyone who works in the field and ignores its principles and techniques could be left at a severe disadvantage. This course offers a comprehensive overview of post-quantum cryptography.

Day 1 explores quantum-based attacks, lattices, and their applications in schemes and key exchange. Day 2 delves into error-correcting codes, isogenies, and their security implications. Day 3 covers the MQ problem, various schemes, including oil and vinegar, rainbow, and their cryptanalysis.

Other candidates, such as hash-based signatures and MPC-in-the-head signatures, and side-channel attacks, are also discussed. Participants will gain a thorough understanding of post-quantum cryptography and its potential impact on modern cryptography.

High Level Overview of the class topics;

  • Introduction to post-quantum cryptography
  • Attacks on DLOG and factoring
  • Lattices and related algorithms
  • LWE and Regev's encryption scheme
  • NTRU and NTRUPrime
  • Codes and cryptosystems
  • Isogenies and elliptic curves
  • MQ problem and its variants
  • Other candidates for PQC
  • Side-channel attacks and countermeasures

General knowledge of cryptography.

You will;

  • Be able to evaluate the security of different cryptographic primitives
  • Be able to select suitable cryptographic algorithms for their specific use case and deployment scenario
  • Have practical experience implementing and using post-quantum cryptographic schemes
  • Understand the mathematical foundations of post-quantum cryptography
  • Be familiar with the state-of-the-art in post-quantum cryptography
  • Possess knowledge and skills to defend against side-channel and physical attacks on cryptographic implementations

Day 1


Attacks Against DLOG and Factoring

  • Shor's Algorithm
  • NIST Competition


  • Definitions
  • Good and Bad Basis
  • Babai Nearest Plane Algorithm
  • GGH Schemes and Attack Against Digital Signature Scheme
  • LWE
  • Regev's Encryption Scheme
  • Key Exchange from LWE
  • Ring LWE
  • Module LWE and LWR
  • Frodo, Kyber, Saber
  • NTRU and NTRUPrime
  • SIS Problem, Hash Function, and Digital Signature from SIS
  • Falcon
  • Lyubashevskys's ID Scheme
  • Dilithium
  • IBE and FHE

Day 2


  • Error Correcting Codes in General
  • Goppa Codes, Decoding Algorithm
  • McEliece Cryptosystem, Cryptanalysis History
  • BIKE and HQC
  • Niederreiter Cryptosystem, Syndrome Decoding
  • Trapdoor One-Way Function
  • Digital Signature Scheme Wave
  • Rank Metric Codes and Cryptosystems


  • Crash Course on Isogenies and Elliptic Curves
  • CGL Hash Function and SIDH
  • Security of SIDH, SIKE
  • Group Actions, CSIDH, and Applications
  • SQISign (High-Level Discussion)

Day 3


  • MQ Problem
  • Discussion about Its Hardness
  • Linearization, Gröbner Basis (High-Level Discussion)
  • Benchmarking Systems
  • Imai-Matsumoto, Hidden Field Equations
  • Variants of HFE
  • Oil and Vinegar Scheme, Kipnis-Shamir Attack, UOV
  • Rainbow and Cryptanalysis Results for Both UOV and Rainbow
  • ID Scheme and GeMSS

Other Candidates

  • Hash-Based Signatures (SPHINCS+)
  • MPC-in-the-Head Signatures (Picnic)

Side-Channel Attacks

  • Basic Attacks
  • Countermeasures Against Physical and Implementation Attacks

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Norway is a constitutional monarchy with King Harald V as the head of state. The country has a population of 5,425,270 as of January 2022. Norway is a relatively small country and has a relatively low population density, with much of its land area covered by forests, mountains, and fjords. Despite its small size, Norway is known for its rich cultural heritage, strong economy, and stunning natural beauty, which attracts millions of visitors every year. This Nordic country is also known for its winter sports, such as skiing and snowboarding, and is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

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