All You Need To Know About Red Hat II

As one of the two authorized Red Hat training centers in Turkey, we receive endless training requests and questions about Red Hat. In the past months, we have begun to answer the most frequently asked Red Hat questions and published the first part of our article. Now we will discuss the hot topics such as Red Hat Satellite, CloudForms, Red Hat Ansible and Red Hat PAM (Process Automation Manager).

You can read our first article where we answered all your questions about Red Hat, Linux, OpenShift and Cloud Suite here!

What is Red Hat Satellite? What is the use of Red Hat Satellite?

Red Hat Satellite is a system management solution. It ensures that Red Hat Enterprise Linux environments and other Red Hat infrastructures work efficiently, securely and in compliance with the required standards. With Red Hat Satellite, you can deploy, reconfigure and maintain your systems in physical, virtual and cloud environments.

Briefly mentioning the important features, Red Hat Satellite offers an easy-to-use system management solution. It allows you to manage not only Red Hat Enterprise Linux, but your entire infrastructure from a single console. Likewise, you can meet the demand to manage unlimited distributed systems across multiple data centers. Another point that Red Hat Satellite users benefit from is increasing system consistency and reducing common mistakes.

What is Red Hat CloudForms?

Red Hat CloudForms enables you to manage virtual environments, private and public clouds in a single tool. Certainly, one of the most difficult notions about managing virtual environments for businesses is that they can become very complex. CloudForms provides the control, automation and insight businesses need to solve these challenges.

Red Hat CloudForms technology enables businesses with existing virtual infrastructures to improve their visibility and control, and enable businesses that have just started virtualization processes to create a well-managed virtual infrastructure.

What is Red Hat Ansible?

In short, Ansible is an information technologies automation tool. Ansible configures systems belonging to the institution, distribute software and edit some of the more advanced IT tasks. 

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform is the foundation for creating and operating automation in an enterprise. This platform, which you can try for free, is highly preferred today because it includes all the tools required to implement enterprise-wide automation. Considering the simplicity and ease of use as their main goal, Red Hat Ansible is also successful in terms of cyber security, thanks to its language designed with emphasis on human controllability.

To achieve automation, a firm must make serious investments in people, time and technology. One of the main objectives of Red Hat Ansible is to enable its customers to solve all their problems at once using Ansible rather than making these investments separately.

What is Ansible Engine?

Included in the Red Hat Ansible platform, Ansible Engine enables organizations to access the tools and innovations in Ansible technology at the enterprise level. Red Hat Ansible Engine, which can also act as a configuration management tool, is one of the easiest ways to automate IT infrastructures.

What is Red Hat Process Automation Manager (PAM)?

Red Hat Process Automation Manager, or shortly Red Hat PAM, is a platform that automates business decisions and processes, and develops containerized micro-services and applications.

Stay tuned so you don't miss the third article of our “All You Need To Know About Red Hat” blog, where we will share detailed information about updated Red Hat exams and certificates.


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