Fundamentals of Data Science Training in Sweden

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  • Duration: 3 Days
  • Price: From $4,309+VAT
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Fundamentals of Data Science is a three day overview course which blends discussion and group exercises to explore the field of data science with applied real world examples and projects.

Teaching begins with a conceptual introduction to science, data science, big data and machine learning; followed by a litany of real-world data science and machine learning examples.

The remainder is divided into two parts: introduction to Python, and the application of the language in building a Machine Learning model (including data preparation, statistical tests, feature engineering, modelling and evaluation).

Delegates attending this course should have technical skills such as application or SQL programming – expose to Python or R would be advantageous.

01 Introduction to Data Science

  • To better understand whether you want to become a data scientist
  • To work with colleagues who are data scientists
  • To judge whether your team (or organization) could benefit from data science

02 Data Science Project Examples

03 Jupyter Notebook

  • Practical Lab Activities

04 Introduction to Python

  • Practical Lab Activities

05 Introduction to Datasets in Python

  • Practical Lab Activities

06 Introduction to Machine Learning

  • To understand what these are, what the different types are and some examples of what they are used for.

07 Introduction to Dataframes and Databases with Python

  • Practical Lab Activities

08 Exploratory Data Analysis with Python

  • Practical Lab Activities

09 Introduction to Big Data

  • To better understand what skills need to be developed
  • To choose the right tools to suit organisational needs
  • To develop a strategy for working with Big Data

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13 juovlamánnu 2023
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Stockholm, Malmö, Göteborg
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29 miessemánnu 2024
Stockholm, Malmö, Göteborg
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Fundamentals of Data Science Training Course in Sweden

Sweden is a Nordic country that borders Norway, Finland and Denmark. The name "Sweden" originated from the "Svear", a people mentioned by the Roman author Tacitus. While being the largest Nordic country, Sweden is the fifth-largest country in Europe. Sweden has a total population of 10.4 million. The capital and largest city is Stockholm. About 15 percent of the country lies within the Arctic Circle, so that's why from May until mid-July, sunlight lasts all day in the north of the Arctic Circle. On the other hand, during December, the capital citt experiences only about 5.5 hours of daylight.

When in Sweden, visiting Stockholm's Old Town Gamla Stan, Sweden's most popular museum Vasa Museum and a UNESCO World Heritage Site; Drottningholm Palace is highly recommended.

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