What are containers? 

Why are containers popular? Simply put, they make application delivery faster. Containers make it easier for teams to work together, without worrying about different deployment environments. They can also improve your security solution and application integration strategy. 

So how should you begin to implement the best container solution for your organization? 

Answer: Red Hat is your best partner in all things containers. 

When we say all things containers, we mean all things containers. From the host operating system that runs the containers to the orchestration platform and management tools you need to control your production environment, Red Hat has a solution you can trust. 

Red Hat OpenShift allows your company to benefit from its open source development model and the principles that helped build these technologies. 

Do you need even more reasons to choose Red Hat as your partner in all things containers? Then keep reading!

Depending on your needs, you have different products you can benefit from. At the host level, you have Red Hat Enterprise Linux, the most trusted and certified Linux operating system available. You can also use Red Hat Enterprise Linux for container images. The application is portable, meaning you can run your new containerized apps wherever you can run Red Hat Enterprise Linux

One difficulty with containers is that they require a lot of storage. What’s worse than a container failing and losing all the data in that container? You no longer have to worry about this problem with Red Hat Gluster Storage, which is integrated with Red Hat OpenShift to manage elastic storage for your containerized apps! 

With Red Hat, you benefit from the vast network of people who develop problem-solving software on open source community driven technologies like Linux, CRI-O and Kubernetes! But with Red Hat, innovation doesn’t stop there! Red Hat innovation comes from Red Hat Open Innovation Labs, where your team is immersed in an intensive, highly focused residency for 3 to 6 of your developers to learn best practices for building and running container-based apps the Red Hat way! 

If you’re still not convinced, get in touch with one of our experts today to find out why choosing Red Hat is the right choice for you! Contact us for any and all inquiries about our variety of Red Hat trainings.  


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