Welcome to our "Training by Sectors" page that will make your life easier in your training searches! By making training searches easier for you with the feedback we have received from you, from the Pharmaceutical sector to the Automotive sector; from the Banking and Finance sector to the E-Commerce sector; we have compiled sector-specific trainings for you that will carry you forward. You can find the most preferred trainings in your sector, certifications that will make you stand out in your career, and blog posts about your sector on our sectors page.

You can find the trainings and certifications provided by Turkey's sector-leading companies for their employees on our sectors page. We have organized our Trainings by Sectors page according to sectors and popular trainings specific to the sectors. While creating our Sector pages, thanks to our international partnerships, we determined the trainings demanded by companies in technology-driven countries such as USA, England and Germany during the year. From soft-skill trainings to cyber security trainings; all of the trainings and certifications that will benefit you in your sector are on our sectors page! By choosing your sector from the boxes below, you can find the trainings and certifications provided by leading companies to their employees, as well as sector related blog posts. Choose your industry and take a look at the trainings that suit you right now. Contact us for further information about trainings and your training requests.

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