As Turkey’s 1st IT training center, we are market-leaders’ choice for 25 years. We are improving ourselves day by day and following every new technological development. As a pioneer we are differentiating ourselves from everyone else by our global partnerships. One of our biggest international partnership is with UK’s most reliable IT training center QA.

With the partnership of QA we are able to organize “Attend-from-Anywhere” trainings. In other words; you can join to our London classrooms from wherever you are, through your computer. With this interactive training methodology you’ll have all the benefits from of a classroom training without the hassle and cost of travel. To learn more about our Attend-from-Anywhere trainings, please read more on AFA page

For our foreign customers, who choose to come to Istanbul for their trainings and get certified, we provide services beyond the training. We’ll arrange the transportation and the accomodation for them and welcome them at the airport. The trainings will be held in Istanbul’s most luxurious hotels and breakfast&lunch will be provided during their stay and the training. And once the training is over, we’ll be accompanying our participants back to the airport. We are always here for our participants and we’ll make sure they leave with full satisfaction!

Another difference you’ll experience with Bilginç is the internationally recognized certifications. With us, you’ll get your internationally recognized certificates, which will bring you one step forward. Nowadays an internationally recognized certificate is the key to success globally. Your chances at a job application abroad, especially in UK, will be higher with our internationally recognized certificates! We organize British Computer Society accredited trainings, which is a well-accepted certification worlwide. You’ll definitely improve yourself with a BCS certification and get one step ahead your competitors. We deliver all of our trainings with awarded expert trainers. Each trainer is the expert of their field and certified by the vendor of the training. 

As every market-leader Bilginç will be your first and the only choice for IT trainings! Contact us now to experience our new generation IT trainings and percieve the difference:

+90 212 282 77 00


Contact us for more detail about our trainings and for all other enquiries!

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