Want to increase your IT and business knowledge? Professional certification and training are the finest ways to progress in your job since they provide the necessary exposure to broaden your skill set. These credentials are very valuable to employers and enhance your resume. They also give you the skills you need to advance in your career and prepare you for challenging business and IT circumstances.

Obtaining a certification in one or more IT domains or skills has several benefits. Obtaining a certification can add credibility and a seal of approval to your resume and serve as evidence that you are an authority in your industry. Certifications offer outside verification that you possess the precise competencies required for success. Additionally, obtaining your field's certification can provide you an edge throughout the hiring process and make you stand out in a crowded field. The constant growth and evolution of technology is another justification for certification. Keeping up with new technology advancements will help you keep one step ahead of the competition. We have gathered the top IT certification training programs for 2023 for you, so you can advance in those fields and get one step ahead.

1- Data Science with R and SQL Server

Data Science is one of the most sought-after job paths today and has swept the globe. The industry offers countless opportunities, and jobs in data science promise excellent wages. And R is the most popular environment and language for statistical analyses, data mining, and machine learning. By attending our Data Science with R and SQL Server training, you can make a difference in your career.

2- Project Management Professional

Project management is essential because it guarantees that the correct projects are taken on, that they are completed on schedule, and that they are completed within a predetermined budget. Between teams, management, and stakeholders, a project manager should be able to negotiate fair deadlines and milestones. And of course, Project Management Professional (PMP) training is an all-time favorite.  

3- AI, Machine Learning & Big Data

One of the greatest trends in technology right now is AI and Machine Learning for quite some time now. AI and Machine Learning are increasingly being used in our daily lives, from voice assistants to drones, creating jobs across industries and opening up new career opportunities. Using AI and Machine Learning, especially in the banking & finance industry is crucial now. We have composed the best training, specific for the banking & finance industry.

4- Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals

You must have heard about the term cloud computing, since it's been a hot topic for roughly two years. Most businesses now use cloud computing, which enables users to access the same apps from various platforms via the Internet. You can start or develop your career in cloud computing by joining our Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals training. 

5 - PRINCE2 Foundation & Practitioner

Another trending project management training is PRINCE2. PRINCE2 is one of the world’s most widely used project management methods. Based on best practice, the method can be applied to any project irrespective of its size, industry sector, geographic location or culture. By joining our PRINCE2 Foundation & Practitioner course, you'll get a definitive overview of the latest version of PRINCE2.

6- Developing SQL Databases

Today's world is changing at a fast pace, and software must keep up to keep up, creating a demand for software developers who can create the new apps as needed. Developing SQL Databases training is one of the top training in that field. With this course, you'll learn how to use SQL Server 2016 product features and tools related to developing a database.

7- Certified DevOps Foundation

By integrating development and operations, the process known as DevOps aids in accelerating the creation of software. Any firm that wishes to enter and remain competitive in the quickly changing marketplace must possess these abilities. This year, start your career in DevOps by attending our Certified DevOps Foundation training and obtain your internationally recognized DevOps certificate.

8- Certified Ethical Hacker V11

Because every business has information that shouldn't be compromised and because there are so many cyberattacks, every organization needs cyber security. The present need for cyber security experts makes this a viable career choice for people who are interested. You can start a career in cyber security by earning one of the popular IT certifications, like Certified Ethical Hacker v11. To start your cybersecurity career, contact us now and join our Certified Ethical Hacker CEH v11 training.

9- QlikView Developer

To assist organizations in using data, one does not necessarily need to be at the level of a data scientist. Without requiring the comprehensive expertise required to be a data scientist, professionals with BI knowledge can play a significant role in maximizing the use of data. One of the most trending Business Intelligence training is QlikView Developer. Our accredited course concludes with a business case where you can practice your skills in building a QlikView application from the beginning using identified key performance indicators.

10- Big Data on AWS

Big Data is a method, not a technology, that aids in the analysis of vast volumes of data to gather knowledge and enhance decision-making. Big Data specialists are in high demand due to the daily growth in the amount of data that exists. Big Data on AWS introduces you to cloud-based big data solutions such as Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR), Amazon Redshift, Amazon Kinesis and the rest of the AWS big data platform.

Make the year 2023 a great year to reboot your career and level up. You can explore one of the trend IT topics and start your journey to learn something new or you can decide to upskill in your existing field in order to be prepared for the best practices or tools. Contact us to plan your 2023 now. 


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