Hybrid Cloud Strategy

This Red Hat & Intel Special Edition e-book teaches you step-by-step putting together a good cloud strategy - which will improve the odds of realizing your business goals.

Chapter 1. Key Cloud Strategy Considerations
- Identifying cloud strategy goals
- Understanding specific terms, like hybrid cloud and multi‐cloud
- Examining why “cloud native” and “open source” rule
Chapter 2. Architecting to Maximize Flexibility
- Considering your options for maximum cloud flexibility
- Iterating by going from idea to product, then back to cloud strategy
- Reassessing and adjusting your cloud strategy
Chapter 3. Enabling Agile IT in the Cloud
Chapter 4. Unified IT Management and More
- Understanding the benefits of unified IT management
- Exploring the challenges and various approaches of IT management
- Solving IT management woes with unification
Chapter 5. Ten Reasons to Develop a Cloud Strategy

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