The Big Book of Small Python Projects

The Big Book of Small Python Projects is both informative and entertaining if you've grasped the fundamentals of Python syntax and are prepared to begin building programs. You may start creating digital artwork, games, animations, counting programs, and more straight away with the help of this collection of over 80 Python projects. You'll practice recreating the programs and explore by adding your own unique touches after you understand how the code operates.

You’ll create:
• Hangman, Blackjack, and other games to play against your friends or the computer
• Simulations of a forest fire, a million dice rolls, and a Japanese abacus
• Animations like a virtual fish tank, a rotating cube, and a bouncing DVD logo screensaver
• A first-person 3D maze game
• Encryption programs that use ciphers like ROT13 and Vigenère to conceal text

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