TCP/IP foundation for engineers Training

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  • Duration: 5 Days
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An intensive hands on IP foundation. The course focuses on all parts of TCP/IP including layers 4 to 7 on end stations as well as layer 3 on routers. The TCP/IP protocols are also studied to enable delegates to be able to troubleshoot TCP/IP using LAN Analysers. Hands on sessions are used to reinforce the theory rather than teach specific manufacturer equipment.


By the end of the course delegates will be able to: Use ping, traceroute and other tools to diagnose faults on a network. Configure IP on PCs and routers. Plan IP addresses and subnets Analyse IP and TCP packets using an analyser. Troubleshoot TCP/IP.

What is TCP/IP?

7 layer model, hardware/software layers, network layers, internetworking, protocols, What is IP? What is TCP? The internet, The IAB, RFCs.

Ping and Wireshark

Host configuration, IP addresses, subnet masks, default gateways, ping, hostnames, hosts file
Hands on: Testing connectivity with ping. Analysing packets with Wireshark.

Switches and Wireshark

Switches versus hubs, layer 2 forwarding table, flooding, broadcasts.
Hands on: Building a switched based network.

telnet and ftp

Switch console port, putty, telnet, file transfer.
Hands on: Building a switched based network.


IP format, protocol field, TTL, DiffServ, fragments, ICMP.
Hands on: IP and ICMP packet analysis.

IP addressing

32 bits, dotted decimal, rules, networks, role of subnet masks, simple subnetting, prefix notation. DHCP.
Hands on: Addressing and subnetting

IP and the lower layers

ARP, RARP, PPP, other media.
Hands on: ARP.


What are routers? What routers do, default gateways, routing and addressing, routing tables, ways to update routing tables.
Hands on: Building a simple routed network, traceroute.

Routing protocols

Hands on: RIP, OSPF.


Subnetting to the bit level.
Hands on: subnetting.


What is IPv6, 128 bit addresses, address formats, header format, migration, dual stack, tunnelling.
Hands on: IPv6 setup troubleshooting.

TCP and UDP UDP header, ports, TCP header, ACK, sliding windows.

Hands on: Analysing packets


Clients, servers, HTTP, Email, resource sharing, VoIP, video, terminal emulation, remote desktop, ssh.
Hands on: Servers, VoIP packet analysis.


Names and addresses, how DNS works. Hands on: Troubleshooting DNS.

The Internet

Autonomous systems, Peering, looking glasses.

SNMP Architecture, protocol, the MIB, GET, TRAP, polling.

Hands on: Using a NMS.

Security Firewalls, NAT, proxy servers.

Hands on: Firewalls

Troubleshooting Methods, tools.

Hands on: Fixing the network

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