New Big Database Technologies; From NoSQL to NewSQL, and from Hadoop to Spark Training

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16 May 2021

1 Day

Big Data, Hadoop, NoSQL, analytical database servers, MapReduce, appliances are all immensely popular terms in the IT industry. For most organizations they questions are: How mature are all these new technologies? Are they worthy replacements for the more traditional SQL products? How should they be incorporated in the existing Data Warehouse architecture? This seminar discusses and explains these new data storage technologies clearly and explains why and how they can be relevant for any organization.

This seminar is intended for anyone who has to stay up to date and implement the new developments, including data warehouse designers, business intelligence experts, database specialists, database experts, consultants, and technology planners.

There is no prerequisites for this course.

  • IT architects,
  • database specialists,
  • big data specialists,
  • BI specialists,
  • data warehouse designers,
  • technology planners,
  • technical architects,
  • enterprise architects,
  • IT consultants,
  • IT strategists,
  • systems analysts,
  • database developers,
  • database administrators,
  • solutions architects,
  • data architects

  • Why traditional database technology is not “big” enough
  • How different are Hadoop and NoSQL form traditional technology
  • How new and existing technologies such as Hadoop, NoSQL, and NewSQL can help develop BI and big data systems
  • How to embed Hadoop technologies in existing BI systems
  • How Spark can boost performance for analytics
  • How to distinguish between three NoSQL subcategories: key-value, document, and column-family stores
  • Why graph databases are very different from all other systems
  • When to use NewSQL or NoSQL for developing transactional systems
  • How to simplify data access through SQL-on-Hadoop engines
  • When to use which new data storage technology and the pros and cons of each solution
  • Which products and technologies are winners and which are losers

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