Fast Track to Akka with Java Training

  • Learn via: Classroom / Virtual Classroom / Online
  • Duration: 3 Days
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This three-day course introduces experienced application developers to the reactive Akka toolkit and runtime and the methodologies that enable the creation of real-world actor-based systems in Java on a single JVM. This course has extensive hands-on work and successive exercises build upon prior lessons learned to produce a fully functional application that is both message-driven and resilient by the conclusion of the course.

The course is intended for experienced Java application developers wishing to learn the Akka concurrency toolkit.

About The Trainer

Manuel Bernhart is an independent consultant who helps guides teams on the transformation to distributed computing. In recent years his focus has been system that embrace the reactive application architecture, using Scala, Play Framework and Akka.

As well as a regular conference speaker, Manuel is also author of the book Reactive Web Applications.

Code examples and exercises will be written in Java 8 using the lambda API, so a basic knowledge of Java 8 is required.

After having participated in this course participants should

  • know how to design scalable and fault-tolerant applications using Akka’s actors
  • know how to configure, test and tune Akka applications
  • know best practices for designing asynchronous, event-driven systems using Akka
  • be confident to start using Akka in production systems

  • Course Overview and introductions
  • Actor Basics
  • Testing Actors
  • Actor Lifecycle
  • Fault Tolerance
  • Routers and Dispatchers
    • Modifying Actor Behavior
    • Ask Pattern
    • Akka Extensions
    • FSM

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