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17 May 2021

1 Day

AWS Business Essentials helps IT business decision–makers understand the benefits of cloud computing and how a cloud strategy can help you meet your business objectives. This course discusses the advantages of cloud computing for your business and the fundamentals of AWS, including financial benefits. This course also introduces you to compliance and security concepts to help you consider the AWS platform within your cloud computing strategy.

We recommend that attendees of this course have the following prerequisites:

  • Working knowledge of IT infrastructure concepts
  • Familiarity with basic finance concepts
  • Familiarity with basic IT security concepts

This course is intended for:

  • IT business decision–makers
  • Individuals who are new to working with AWS

This course teaches you how to:

  • Identify the value and advantages of the AWS Cloud.
  • Recognise the valuable ways that the AWS platform can be used.
  • Understand the robust security capabilities, controls, and assurances in place to maintain data and network security.
  • Articulate the financial impact the AWS Cloud can have on an organisation's cost management, while minimising the risks associated with consumption-based pricing models.

This course covers the following concepts:

  • Getting started with the cloud
  • Leveraging AWS for competitive advantages
  • Cloud economics
  • Security and compliance
  • Migrating to the cloud

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17 May 2021

1 Day
Classroom / Virtual Classroom

Istanbul, Ankara, London
Istanbul, Ankara, London

16 September 2021

1 Day
Classroom / Virtual Classroom

Istanbul, Ankara, London
Istanbul, Ankara, London

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