AI Business Essentials Training

  • Learn via: Classroom
  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Level: Fundamentals
  • Price: From €1,904+VAT
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This course offers you a one-day comprehensive introduction to the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tailored for business professionals who are looking to make effective changes involving AI solutions.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will define the next generation of software solutions and unlock the potential to create amazing applications that improve life for everyone provided we plan changes carefully and with safety in mind.

We begin by demystifying the basics of Machine Learning and AI and through practical activities you will become comfortable with surrounding terminology, common use cases, and risks. You will learn how you could assess your organisation for an AI-ready culture, consider who key stakeholders would be and how AI projects can be implemented while fostering a culture that encourages responsible and trustworthy use of AI.

Please note - If you would prefer a shorter course, private deliveries are available in which you may choose any two of the course modules for you and your group to experience. Please contact us to request your combination.

Target Audience

The Artificial Intelligence Business Essentials course is focussed on individuals with an interest in, (or need to implement) AI in an organisation, especially those working in the following capacities:

  • C-Suite

  • Senior Managers

  • Organisational change practitioners and managers

  • Business change practitioners and managers

  • Program and planning managers

  • Service provider portfolio strategists / leads

  • Process architects and managers

  • Business strategists and consultants

There are no requirements for attending.

  • Demystify AI basics
  • Gain specific, practical knowledge to define your AI strategy
  • Hear real-world recommendations on how to enable an AI ready culture
  • Immerse in Practical Skills: Equip participants with hands-on skills, particularly in prompt engineering and model fine-tuning, tailored to business scenarios.
  • Learn how to foster responsible and trustworthy AI
  • Facilitate Hands-on Experience: Engage participants in workshop and group projects, ensuring they can practically apply the knowledge gained.

Module 1: Introduction to AI for Business

This module will ensure you have a grasp of the essential concepts of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, including a brief introduction to deep learning and reinforcement learning.

  • Identify and share examples of different types of AI solution and categorise problem types
  • Match terminology and definitions for AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Large Language Models (LLMs), Generative AI, and Reinforcement Learning
  • Identify potential appropriate data sources for training or assessing AI models to check against discrimination or bias
  • Identify risks with sharing data with externally hosted AI models
  • Identify which types of AI solution could be used in at least 3 given examples and explain the need for subsequent human quality checking

Module 2: AI Strategy and Enabling An AI-Ready Culture

Here you will consider how to benefit from AI, how it transforms industries, and how to know if an organisation is ready for AI.

  • Identify the need for organisation-wide AI strategy and the importance of change management
  • Discuss how AI is transforming a variety of sectors and our private lives: government processes, the retail industry, the financial services industry, and in the shared experiences of those attending
  • Assess the readiness of an organisation for AI transformation
  • Identify pitfalls and mitigation when implementing an AI transformational change programme

Module 3: AI Projects and Implementation

This module will help you build a vision of the people and skills you need to successfully implement an AI solution safely.

  • Match the roles and responsibilities of technical staff involved in creating and implementing AI solutions including AI/ML Engineers, Data Scientists/Developers, Data Engineers, AI/ML Ops, and Data Technicians
  • Outline a typical AI development process and summarise the roles and responsibilities of technical team members at each stage
  • Match provided example tools and their capabilities to example AI projects
  • Examine a range of security risks associated with AI and identify at least one mitigation option to protect your AI model

Module 4: Fostering Responsible and Trustworthy AI

Last, but not least by any means! In the final module on this one day course you will gain an understanding of the checks and balances that can be put in place to ensure safe use of AI.

  • Discuss the existence and purpose of organisational AI policies, standards and regulation, and evolving international legal requirements
  • Explain the need for data governance processes within an organisation to ensure compliant, responsible and trustworthy use of AI
  • Identify tools and technologies that can assist in supporting AI governance

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Upcoming Trainings

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