Microsoft Excel 2013 Data Analysis and Power Tools Part 1 Training

  • Learn via: Virtual/Classroom
  • Duration: 2 Days
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This is the first of a two part series of courses examining the data tools and features found in Microsoft Excel 2013 Professional and Pro Plus*.

The course is designed to examine a combination of new and revised features which are available to help you work with data in Microsoft Excel 2013. Features covered range from data importing to analysis leading to subsequent output in Excel. Analysis and outputs include data and graphical tools available in Microsoft Excel 2013.

Target Audience

Anyone who needs to work with Excel in order to connect to, process, analyse and display data in order to produce suitable output at all levels within an organisation.

It is assumed that the majority of attendees on the course have either migrated to Microsoft Excel 2013 from a previous version or whose role has changed requiring the use of data tools.

*Some of the tools and features are only available in Microsoft Excel 2013 and include add-ins. This course is not suitable for anyone using Microsoft Excel Standard, Home or Student Editions.

  • Please note that this course is not suitable for new Excel users
  • An understanding of basic data concepts
  • Ability to create, format and save worksheets and workbooks
  • Be able to create formulas using standard aggregate function

Dual monitor setup is required for when attending this course via the QA Attend from Anywhere delivery method.

Learning Outcomes

  • Import data into Excel 2013
  • Create connections to external data sources
  • Use Workbook Analysis
  • Utilise new Excel 2013 features to analyse data
  • Present external and Excel based organisational data using a combination of graphical and data views

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Getting the data to your workbook

  • Import or Connection
  • Data from other Excel Sources
  • Retrieving data from other applications
  • Using web based data

Lesson 2: Preparing Data, Organising Data and Workbook Analysis

  • Tabular Structures and Data Properties
  • Creating and working with Data Models, Relationships, and Sets
  • Workbook Analysis with Inquire

Lesson 3: Using Data Tables and Functions

  • Use Data Table Functions and Slicers
  • Analysis with Excel Functions

Lesson 4: Working with Sparklines, Charts and Trends

  • Visualise Trends with Sparklines
  • Using Charts and Trendlines
  • Adding Error Bars

Lesson 5: PivotCharts

  • Introduction to PivotTables (Mod 5 portion - overview of concepts)
  • Create PivotCharts
  • Shaping and Filtering the data using PivotCharts

Lesson 6: Power View

  • Creating Power View Reports
  • Using Tables, Cards and Matrices
  • Charting in Power View Reports
  • Mapping geo-data

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