What is TOGAF that we hear frequently in our daily lives and what is the use of TOGAF certificate? The Open Group Architecture Framework, TOGAF, is a standard, and according to this standard, individuals try to maximize the work efficiency. With TOGAF, a whole point of view is provided in businesses and sustainable decisions are made. TOGAF Management Architecture enables companies to create a technological development roadmap, standardization, agility and modernization. By attending our TOGAF trainings, you can learn how to use IT architectures efficiently, adopt The Open Group standards, and learn the integration and efficient use of TOGAF methodology and Enterprise Architecture tools, as well as architecture standards. 

You can take a look at our The Open Group accredited TOGAF trainings in our TOGAF catalog, which also includes the latest version of TOGAF; TOGAF 9.2. Unlike most certifications, TOGAF certification does not require a prerequisite and is one of the world's most valuable corporate architecture certificates. Professionals, especially those who want to pursue a career in the field of IT architecture, can get one step ahead of their competitors in their careers by obtaining the TOGAF certificate.

Enterprise architecture, enterprise architecture framework, business-processes, systems architecture, business values and needs... They are all highly important topics that you should know in 2021 and a good TOGAF course would be more than enough. 
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