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Cloud Academy


There is no one left that haven’t heard of our partnership with UK’s most reliable IT training company, QA. We are improving ourselves day-by-day with new projects alongside with our expanding training catalogue and foreign trainer team with the collaboration of QA. As Turkey’s most experienced IT training center, we can say that training models limited only to classroom trainings are becoming outdated. That’s why we are proud to announce our revolutionary project; Cloud Academy!

What is Cloud Academy?

IT teams want to practice what they have learned during trainings, to be able to apply them on their daily lives and to test their abilities before certification exams. And we are making it happen through Cloud Academy. You choose a “learning path” to specialize in for yourself or for your team from Cloud Academy. You’ll be able to benefit from Cloud Academy’s extensive training library, which includes subjects from AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Python, Containers, Cyber Security, IoT, Data Science, Machine Learningi Big Data and many more. Participants get the chance to assess their skills with training quizes while reinforcing their knowledge with each vendor’s original labs. Cloud Academy also offers an opportunity for their users to test their knowledge before certification exams with sample exams. By taking those sample exams, participants get to learn their level and will improve the subjects that they don’t have a full knowledge of. When you face any problems you can contact Cloud Academy team to get suppport.

It’s also possible to customize the paths; the person who’ll be appointed as the admin can make changes in the paths of their team. At that point we give training content support with our expert trainers. Thus we ensure that your team recieves the trainings in the desired way. Besides being able to customize the learning paths, the admin can control the progress of the team. You can evaluate the success of your team members’ and observe the progress with the help of our expert trainers. Also, you can create lab exercises and prepare customized exams to assess their abilities. Long story short, you can find everything you need after a classroom training at Cloud Academy!

To adopt the new generation training model with Cloud Academy, contact us:

+90 212 282 77 00

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