The global spread of COVID-19 keeps people at home. Most of the world was isolated and started working from home online. In this difficult process, as Bilginç IT Acedemy, we are with you with our many years of virtual training experience. We can deliver all our trainings in our catalog in the original laboratory environment as a virtual training. If you have just started working from home or are looking for a job that you can work remotely, you need to acquire new habits and routines. We are here with techniques and online trainings that will make it easier for you to adapt to the new world order and technology!

Working From Home

One of the biggest mistakes is to try to adapt the working style in the office to the home. First of all, it should be known that working in the office and working from home are different. Afterwards, the new online working order should be accepted and a plan suitable for the situation should be prepared. In addition, team leaders have a great task in managing and raising their teams. Our virtual Managing Microsoft Teams training can give you the essential skills you need to manage your team and ease the strain on your shoulder.

Improve Your Team Communication

Suddenly, it may be difficult to create a new team spirit if you broke off your team daily from the layout you saw in the office and contacted your teammates online. You should strengthen your online communication with your teammates in order to be a good team in the distance working process. To create a virtual team spirit, you can team up for coffee time and talk about the everyday flow. Meeting abruptly apart from scheduled meetings could cause disruptions during office work, but in the new system, these small online meetings can help you. Because you do not have a physical contact in this process, your small studies may not be visible. In this case, you are not alone. There are also effective methods other than coffee meetings, such as to thank. You can also be a pioneer in ensuring the visibility of the work done by thanking them for the support you received from your teammates.

Note That!

When organizing additional online meetings to the meetings in your agenda, remember that you have an online meeting and choose the online tools carefully that you use. In addition, you should have command of the online communication programs you use to avoid any problems during your online meetings. Check out our relevant virtual tutorials to improve your mastery of programs such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom!

Be Fair to Yourself

Successful remote workers are known to be highly disciplined. After all, doing a full-time office job in an unusual area requires serious focus. However, everyone has the right to be distracted. You may have started online shopping now while working a minute ago. In such a situation, do not criticize yourself very harshly. When you are distracted, take a 5-minute break and relax yourself. Then go back to work. Attend to our virtual Productive Home Working training to increase your productivity and your teams' efficiency or achieve your goals that you have previously determined.

Strengthen Your Remote Communication Skills

Working online requires you to communicate more. Frequently tell your progress about your schedule and availability to anyone who needs to know. Say this when you have finished a project or an important task. Continuous communication does not mean that you have to write a five paragraph essay to explain your every move, it means repeating yourself. Your teammate may forget or not see the e-mail you wrote, feel free to remind yourself. If you have concerns about effective online communication or if you want to strengthen your communication skills, check out our Advanced Communication Techniques training that you can attend while working at home!

Search for Virtual Training Opportunities!

If you are not in an office with your colleagues, you may miss the training opportunities that your company offers. Your company may even forget to add you to virtual trainings. You can miss the educational opportunities that will allow you to climb the steps in your career. Do not lose communication with the human resources department and managers providing training and be sure to attend the trainings organized. Chase training opportunities to see productive home working or manage crisis periods. In this way, you will not lose contact with your colleagues and continue to develop your international network.

In your digital transformation process, you may need more than 5 tips that we provide to adapt to the remote online working system. For more, we have compiled virtual trainings that will make it easier for you to work from home, increase the efficiency of your team and help you in crisis management:
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