Home Office Workers Are More Productive!

During the coronavirus pandemic days, all of the companies, even those who are unfamiliar with the online home office working method, have to enforce and manage working home-office effectively. A research shows us that how the workforce is experiencing this major change and what employees actually need to stay productive and effective during their time at home. As can be seen from the research, the future of working after the COVID-19 outbreak will not be the same.

Research on online remote working, which has been conducted during this period of pandemic, revealed that working online from home as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak has only impacted 1% reduction in work efficiency. And over 40% of workers said they would choose to work full-time remotely in the future, after the pandemic.

Salesforce Research examines the global population every two weeks, as a part of its research which is about the transition from office working to online working method. In this study, the goal is to gain a better understanding of the changing experiences, expectations and perspectives of the employees who met the online home-office working method as both consumers and workforce members. Here are some of the basic global findings obtained as a result of the research:

  • 61% of the workforce works from home online and 53% of this rate has started working online from their home since the beginning of COVID-19.
  • 44% of online workers use more online video conferencing applications
  • 27% of remote workers have been provided with new or improved business technology since the beginning of COVID-19
  • 86% of employees who carry out their work online from their homes evaluate their productivity as excellent or good
  • 81% of home-office workers consider communication with colleagues as excellent or good

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