What is TOGAF® 9 Certification? 

TOGAF® 9 stands for “The Open Group Architecture Framework”. Completing your TOFAG® 9 certification ensures that your organization is in line with IT architecture industry standards. TOGAF® 9 certification is worth it as it demonstrates your elite-level skills and increases your reputation. 

How to Get TOGAF® 9 Certification? 

To get a TOGAF® 9 certification you must pass a two-part exam after completing a certified training course. There are no pre-requisites for this course. 

What is the TOGAF® 9 Exam?

The two-part exam consists of Level 1 and Level 2. Level 1 consists of 40 multiple choice questions that must be completed in 60 minutes. A minimum score of 55% is required to pass. Level 2 consists of 8 free response questions to be completed in 90 minutes. Level 2 tests candidates’ abilities to apply and analyze knowledge of TOGAF. 

How Do You Prepare for the TOGAF® 9 Exam?

The best way to prepare for the TOGAF® 9 exam is by taking a certified training course, where you will be able to interact with instructors and acquire the tools you need to pass. If you prepare for the exam by taking a certified training, the TOGAF® 9 exam will not be difficult for you and you will achieve success. 

Starting Your TOGAF® 9 Certification Journey 

Begin your TOGAF® 9 certification journey by participating in a certified training at Bilginç, where you will have the full support of our instructors and our virtual team to ensure that you succeed in your TOGAF goals. With this certified training, you are also gifted TOGAF exam vouchers, worth over $500. Start your TOGAF journey today and take your first step towards success with Bilginç IT Academy. 


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